Hire Multivibe Powerscreed

Rent our Multivibe Powerscreed for levelling flood pour slabs. Use in conjunction with our hire power trowels for achieving a professional floor finish. Please call us on numbers below or click the enquire button below and complete our hire enquiry form and we will be in touch. Kings Lynn: 01553 829530 Salisbury: 01722 416196 Scotland: 0141 849 0077 Stafford: 01785 332891

The Hire Multivibe Powerscreed is an ideal machine for levelling internal slabs. The machine typically operates 'free hand' and levlling is achieve by raking to grade and spot levelling with use of a rotating laser. The nature of this machine allows large area's to flood poured in one job without the requirement to set & break internal support formwork.

Renting a free power screed is cost effective and includes bar sizes up to 16' / 4.5 meters. Typical bar sizes for most pours are 8'/2.4mtr or 10'/ 3mtr. These type of machines are NOT designed to be run on formwork. Some manufacturers may claim this 'feature' but it is simply not correct. Too much vibration runs back through to the operator when run on formwork and not down into the concrete as designed. If you are running on formwork then you should consider using our hire bunyan striker which is the tool to use when screeding concrete on formwork.


  • Power Rod 100 with two handled screed assembly c/w Honda engine.
  • Aircraft T6 aluminium construction
  • Two handles screed assembly
  • Powered by Honda GX35 (4 stroke engine)
  • Tool free handle adjustment
  • Tool free floater bar connection
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