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Big Blue Cement Trowel Kit

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Choose your preferred width Big Blue Concrete Trowel, which comes complete with a Heavy-duty knucklehead II gearbox for tilt-action control on the concrete plus and 3 aluminium snap handles giving you 18ft reach on the slab. Scroll down for more information on this essential kit for concrete professionals.
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600mmx300mm [2ftx1ft] + 3 Handles 704417K
900mmx300mm [3ftx1ft] + 3 Handles 704418K
1200mmx300mm [4ftx1ft] + 3 Handles 704419K
1500mmx300mm [5ftx1ft] + 3 Handles 704420K
1800mmx300mm [6ftx1ft] + 3 Handles 704421K
2400mmx300mm [8ftx1ft] + 3 Handles 704422K
Big Blue Cement Trowel Kit

Our Big Blue concrete glider trowel is manufactured in British blue carbon steel. The Big Blues' Blue Carbon blade gives greater flexibility to the trowel blade, providing a superior super smooth finish to the concrete surface. When used in combination with the Bunyan Striker tube, the requirement to powerfloat is often unecessary eg house bases, sewage treatment projects, etc. Supplied with a knucklehead gearbox for float pitch variation. Custom sizes can be manufactured to order, please contact us for your requirements. The Big Blue concrete trowel can be supplied with handles on each end for use in precast factories.

The big blue is supplied with a heavy duty knucklehead manufactured in cast alloy which gives superior performance and longevity over cheap plastic alternatives and three 1800mm [6ft] 45mm Diameter aluminium snap handles for tool operation. If you require more handles add some more here or from the accessories below

Sizes Available

  • 2ft Big Blue Concrete Trowel
  • 3ft Big Blue Concrete Trowel
  • 4ft Big Blue Concrete Trowel
  • 6ft Big Blue Concrete Trowel
  • 8ft Big Blue Concrete Trowel

Trowels can be custom made to your own specification, typically used for precast yards. All Float sizes supplied complete with heavy duty knucklehead tilt action gear box to adjust float pitch. Can be supplied with float adaptor kit & Broomhead for brush finish work (Please order these items separately).

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