High Tolerance Tools

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  • Magnesium Tamp Beams

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    Magnesium Tamp Beams
  • Aluminium Concrete Tamp Beams

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    Aluminium Concrete Tamp Beams
  • Hi-Tech Magnesium Screed Beam

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  • Channel Radius Floats with Gearbox

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  • Light weight Magnesium Bump Cutter for concrete surface finishing float tool.
Supplied by Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

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  • Heavy duty bump cutters help to produce super flat concrete surfaces. Use this tool to  cut down the extra layer of concrete by cutting bumps which helps smooth the surface. This concrete levelling tool is used by concrete professionals to speed up the fi
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  • Saw Beam Handles

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High-tolerance flooring tools

When finishing a high-tolerance floor, construction professionals must be sure to use a tool that is up to the job.

That's why Speedcrete supplies a specialist range of products for that have been designed for this task in particular.

We have a wide selection of items over four categories, so why not take a look at the brief descriptions below or click on any tool to find out which piece of kit would best suit your needs?

Channel floats

Channel floats are just one of the varieties of product we provide for finishing high-tolerance floors.

We have two excellent pieces of equipment for working on concrete, as well as accessories to supplement their performance.

Channel radius float

Channel radius floats are perfect when you need to finish extensive areas, as they are able to cover a lot of ground quickly and efficiently.

They feature an innovative "twin edge" design, which means when the product is applied at a 90-degree angle to the surface the front blade trims higher spots and the rounded rear smooths lap marks and fills in lower patches.

Speedcrete also supplies the blade for the channel radius float individually.

The double boy

This double channel float is perfect for low slump concrete and pavement-quality jobs and is specifically recommended for high-tolerance floors and wide bays.

It guarantees a consistent and even surface as its innovative design allows it to adjust its level regardless of which direction it is pulled.

Concrete bumpcutters

Bumpcutters are an excellent tool for smoothing and evening-out the surface of concrete.

In our range we supply two high-performing machines and one blade.

Heavy-duty Bump Cutter

This heavy-duty blade is ideal for high-tolerance floors and plastic concrete, although it is also great for pavement-quality materials.

Durable and strong, this product is made from magnesium and comes with brackets.

Lightweight concrete bumpcutter

A double-purpose product, this bumpcutter can be used as a straightedge checking tool or a float.

Lightweight, the equipment features a magnesium extrusion which improves the operator's accuracy by providing rigidity.

The tool is particularly well-suited to use with laserscreeds and comes complete with a lightweight beam, outriggers and brackets.

Concrete tamp beams

Concrete tamp beams are a great addition to any construction professional's artillery.

Speedcrete's range includes three different high-quality models.

Aluminium tamp beam

This is an extremely popular product, which many users have praised for its reliability and strength.

Anodised in gold, it is not only extremely hardy but also quick and easy to clean - welcome attributes for many construction professionals.

As they are much lighter than traditional wooden tamp beams, it is possible to use a longer length of bar, while they are also easier to transport and use without strain.

High-tech magnesium tamp beam

With a unique extruded shape, which improves its strength and rigidity, this product is notable for its accuracy.

It is also much lighter than the aluminium tamp beam and perfect for hand screeding.

Super-tough lightweight magnesium tamp beam

This magnesium tamp beam is 30 per cent lighter than other aluminium-based alloy screeds and boasts greater rigidity, ensuring that it will not bend or sag over time.

Concrete tamp beam handles

Getting the right accessories to fit concrete finishing tools is vital to increase their performance, which is why Speedcrete provides a range of high-quality tamp beam handles.

Saw beam handles

This grip is suitable for use as an attachment to the magnesium tamp beam, the hi-tech magnesium screed beam and bumpcutters.

For the comfort of the operator, the handles are ergonomically designed, while they also feature a slotted connection to make them easily adjustable.

Tamp beam handles

These tamp beam handles can be fitted to either the box section or hi-tech products we supply.

Rubber grips promote the comfort of the user, while the rest of the tool is manufactured from strong and durable aluminium or steel.