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  1. Bath City Farm Community Cafe Donation

    Bath City Farm Community Cafe Donation
    Speedcrete have been involved in helping Bath City Farm to fulfil their long held ambition to build a new community cafe. The Trustees were super excited to announce in July 2021 the secured £500,000 funding to build a new indoor and outdoor community café at the farm. The community cafe began construction in September with the grand opening planned for...
  2. Hire fleet demand rockets

    Hire fleet demand rockets
    Speedcrete has never seen demand so high for hire equipment and machinery. We are pleased to say that due to current demand we have expanded our fleet of hire equipment. It seems like the Construction Industry has gone from strength to strength in 2021, maybe this upturn has arisen due to a mix of good weather and the fact that...
  3. New Allen Ride-on Trowels

    New Allen Ride-on Trowels
    Speedcrete are proud to offer Allen Engineerings latest Ride-on power Trowels to the Uk market. As of todays date (03/08/2021) we are able to take pre-orders for these two impressive machines which offer many advantages. Concrete Professionals in the United Kingdom have been well acquainted with the superb performance that Allen Engineering ride-on trowels can offer. Please read below to...
  4. Orange Thunder proving to be a success

    Orange Thunder proving to be a success
    We are pleased to see many Concrete Professionals have embraced the Orange Thunder Bullfloats and Hand tools which we introduced into the United Kingdom in January. We were very surprised that our initial stock sold out very quickly as we tested the waters with this new product from Kraft Tool USA. What is Orange Thunder? The Orange Thunder brand is...
  5. First time Allen Work Bridges are used in UK

    First time Allen Work Bridges are used in UK
    The Allen Work Bridge in action at Wimborne. Allen Work Bridges are being used by main contractor Faircloth Construction to smooth large concrete pours for the base slab of a distribution park under construction in Wimborne. Faircloth is using the bridges over concrete slabs that are being poured and finished using a truss screed system. The wheeled bridges travel across...
  6. The Festive Season shutdown dates for Speedcrete 2020-21.

    The Festive Season shutdown dates for Speedcrete 2020-21.
    Speedcrete hope everyone enjoys the festive season in what has been a tough year for everyone. Let us all hope that this time of the year will make us take stock of everything we are fortunate to have in our lives, such as the friendship of our loved ones. Our team will be taking a well earned break over Christmas...
  7. J Murphy Completes Phase 1 of Biomass Plant

    J Murphy Completes Phase 1 of Biomass Plant
    One of our top customers, J Murphy & Son has just completed the first phase of a newly designed biomass power plant in Cramlington, Northumberland. The new plant uses a new reheating technology which allows for heat to pass through two heating chambers instead of just the regular single stage process. The plant will generate close to 30 MW of...
  8. Husqvarna Launches New Floor Grinders

    Husqvarna Launches New Floor Grinders
    Speedcrete brings to market Husqvarna's new floor grinders developed specifically for the industrial floor grinding market. The all new Husqvarna PG 680 RC is the latest top of the range product offered by Husqvarna's UK dealer Speedcrete. It is a remote control machine designed for large scale projects to facilitate removal and reinstatement of large areas or allow removal of...
  9. Guide to High Tolerance Flooring Tools

    laserscreedIntroduction Misconceptions arise in the belief that laser technology often anwsers all our prayers in the specific requirement of a flat floor. The truth is that although these laser guided tools have developed an ability to achieve flatter floors, an immense amount of work still remains to be done following the screeding process. Such processes presently need to be performed with the use of high tolerance flooring tools. Let us look at the range of commonly used hand tools. Continue reading →
  10. Power Floating Guide

    navright_prod_power_trowells A power float is a concrete finishing machine designed to smooth and to some degree level the surface of the concrete to an exceptionally high tolerance. For the best results a power float, can finish your concrete to an exceptionally flat, hard and durable surface. Continue reading →

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