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5 Item(s)

Concrete Floor Saw

When you want to cut into several metres worth of reinforced concrete, you don't want it to be a long, arduous and potentially hazardous task.

Fortunately, technology has come to the rescue, taking the manual labour out of this very important job with the concrete floor saw.

As well as making this task easier to perform, the devices can also guarantee far greater accuracy, giving you a straight and accurate cut in a concrete floor.

Here on the Speedcrete website, you'll be able to buy a Husqvarna Concrete Floor Saws.

Husqvarana is now widely regarded as one of the top names in the world of concrete tools, and this device demonstrates why.

Their floor saw range includes both petrol and diesel powered models either self propelled or push along.

Contractors have a great deal of flexibility with these tools when cutting, as you can choose from a variety of concrete diamond blades.

You may find the HUSQVARNA F1180 | ASPHALT SAWING DIAMOND BLADE more suitable for your building site, or alternatively you may prefer something along the lines of the HUSQVARNA VN65 | CONCRETE CUTTING DIAMOND BLADE or the HUSQVARNA S1465 | UNIVERSAL CUT DIAMOND BLADE.

Have a look at our selection of concrete diamond blades to determine which one you think would work best with a Husqvarana Concrete Floor Saw.

And then you will be ready to go and safely proceed with your concrete cutting work and press ahead with your building project.