Roller Strikers

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  • The all new Bunyan RT10 features a Honda GX100 power unit that is coupled to a hydraulic motor and pump to provide a small & portable roller screed system but with the power and capability to run large diameter tubes all the way up to 8.5 mtrs. Speedcrete

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    RT10 Rotoscreed | Mini Hydraulic Roller Striker
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  • This device fits to the cold end / un-driven end of the Bunyan striker tube. The kerb crawler simply slides along the top of the kerb and it permits the screeding of the concrete right to the face of the kerb. Available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

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  • RT6 Rotoscreed | Mini Roller Striker
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  • This concrete levelling hydraulic machine. The Bunyan Striker is powered by a diesel Kuboto engine. This machine connects to roller tubes which flatten out the concrete on the slab. Available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.
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  • Bunyan Control Driver Hoses and T Bar, available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

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  • Flatten out bitumen and asphalt with this easy to operate roller which has a width of 40cm. Available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

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  • Allen Triple Roller Paver

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Roller screeds

Professional construction workers whose job it is to finish concrete surfaces know how important it is that they use the very best tools for the task.

That's why we at Speedcrete have selected this range of well-crafted and high-quality roller screeds.

With these strong, durable and well-performing tools, you won't be let down, so why not take a look through the brief descriptions below to see which screed is most suited to your needs or click on an item to see more detailed information.

Multivibe RT6 rotoscreed - mini roller striker

This multivibe rotoscreed is lightweight and easily portable but can still provide you with the same great performance as a larger piece of equipment.

As a niftier machine, this product is ideal for small, awkward jobs that you might not otherwise be able to easily manage.

It is mechanically driven, so the chance of something going wrong is greatly reduced, while it is powered by a hard-working and reliable Honda GX35 engine.

This tool has tubes with lengths of up to 6.4 metres, making it perfect for small pours and metal decking work.

Furthermore, masons won't need to spend hours at the end of every day shipping mortar from their gear, as this screed doesn't have hydraulic hoses, making it easier to clean.

Replacement bare-end striker tube

These bare-end tubes are strong, durable and guarantee a great performance, as they are manufactured from high-quality steel.

Replacement rotoscreed tube

Cost-effective replacement tubes for our rotoscreeds are also available in lengths of six meters / 20 ft.

Purchasers can simply and quickly cut these products to whatever size they require.

Rotoscreed cone ends

Used in conjunction with bare-end tubes, these rotoscreed cone ends are ideal for high-production environments or tough working conditions.

Affordable and easy to use, these replaceable ends could reduce downtime and boost productivity on the jobsite.

Quick release striker cone ends

These products are normally employed when one side of the striker tube is required to be run along harsh concrete.

As this can cause wear and tear on the item, cone ends are great to have around so that you can replace damaged components and continue working with minimal downtime.

Designed for high-production environments and tough materials, these products can be used with our bare-end tubes.

Bunyan striker

Traditionalists will love the Bunyan striker, which was the first concrete finishing product of its kind.

A pioneer in construction equipment, this tool revolutionised the way that surfaces were laid virtually overnight.

With a clever and innovative design, this item is guaranteed to leave a durable finish on concrete with a remarkably high tolerance.

The machine itself is exceptionally hardy, too. We have seen it used in Dubai, Hong Kong, Pakistan and Nambia, enduring the extreme heat of such countries without encountering any problems at all

Incredibly versatile, the Bunyan striker can be used on slopes that incline at up to 60 degrees as well as flat surfaces.

Replacement welded end striker tube

Made from 3mm-thick steel, this replacement tube comes complete with pre-welded ends.

It is supplied in a vast range of sizes that can be seen by clicking on the product name above.

This product features a one-inch square drive coupling and a bearing assembly.

Allen triple roller paver

This machine is fantastic for finishing concrete surfaces at the smoothest possible pavement quality.

With precision-engineered tubes, this item is of very high quality and a top performer, striking off concrete at incredible rates and leaving behind the flattest paving that can be achieved.

We have three products on offer, powered by either gasoline or diesel engines, or ask to customise the equipment to your bespoke specifications.

The 'skud' roller screed transporter

This product can carry tubes of up to 10.5 metres in length with no hassle, while the trailer can handle up to four Bunyan striker hydraulic units.

An extremely strong machine, the transporter can move long lengths of piping, tube or timber to and from the jobsite.