Concrete Placers and Rakes

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Concrete Rakes Spreaders & Texas Placers

Speedcrete is proud to present an excellent range of concrete finishing tools that includes spreaders, rakes and placers.

Our selection boasts the names of well-known and trusted manufactures such as Kraft Tools, so you can be sure you will get a high-performance and long-lasting product.

This range includes many excellent items that could make the task of finishing concrete easy, quick and always accurate.

Why not browse through the brief descriptions below or click on a tool to see more detailed information

Concrete Rakes

These lightweight, aluminium concrete rakes are easily portable and allow the operator to finish a surface with ease.

As the tools are not heavy, they are also comfortable to use - an attribute complemented by a reliable, smooth wooden handle.

They are very versatile items, as they feature both a toothed surface and a smooth surface with which the operator can rake or float as required.

Dual face concrete Rakes

Supplied in either with either a lightweight magnesium or strong steel head, these dual face concrete rakes are an excellent addition to any mason's toolkit.

They come complete with a straight broom handle.

EZ Screed grading tool

If an area needs to be graded quickly and accurately, the EZ screed tool is an excellent product to have at hand.

When using free vibration screed machines, this item can improve the precision of the operator and the surface tolerance of the material much more effectively than traditional Texas placers.

Meanwhile, the ergonomic handle is comfortable for the user while being strong, reliable and durable.

Heavy duty Texas placers

This heavy-duty grading tool is extremely hardy and can withstand even the toughest of jobs.

Concrete Texas placers are an excellent option for those that require a strong and durable product.

Lightweight texas placers

This excellent tool has become the industry standard concrete Texas placer and is guaranteed to offer a good performance.

Lightweight and manufactured from entirely from aluminium, it is easily portable, strong and long-lasting.

Magnesium asphalt rake

This asphalt rake is a first-class grading tool that features an extruded magnesium head.

Its large size is great for ensuring a consistent performance, while its combination of a blunt-toothed side and a smooth edge makes it a versatile product that can finish a surface in no time at all.

Equally suitable as a concrete rake, it is supplied with a seven-inch blue aluminium anodised handle, which is reliable, strong and hardy.

Magnesium placer

A fantastic alternative to our popular Texas placers, this versatile tool is great both for shifting concrete and as a floating product.

It has a unique shape and a well-crafted design that ensures consistently high performance, while its low weight makes it easy to use and carry.

Replacement concrete rake blade

Keeping replacement tools is a great idea for construction professionals who want to minimise downtime and boost productivity.

It is quick and simple to remove an old or damaged head and bolt on this aluminium concrete rake blade so that the user can continue to work effectively.

Replacement heavy duty spreader blades

When a concrete Texas placer gets worn down or damaged, it is easy to get back to finishing concrete quickly with this high-performance spreader blade.

Replacement rake handle

Having a good grip for your gear is an important part of keeping your toolkit in good shape, allowing you to continue working efficiently and with ease.

These replacement handles can be used on concrete finishing rakes and Texas placer and they come in two different varieties - economy rakes and heavy duty placers.

Whiskey stick

Floating can be made easier with this excellent whiskey stick, featuring a handle that tilts to the most efficient angle for the job.

Boasting a 60-inch magnesium blade, this product can level and place concrete quickly, while its versatile shape with both rounded and square edges mean the same item can be used for both floating, cutting and filling.

The product comes with heavy-duty braces, snap button and extension handle.