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  • Ride-on Grinder trowels MK10-120

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  • Hire Barikell MK10-90 HCS Hi-Speed

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  • Hire Barikell 36" Petrol Pedestrian Trowel

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  • This battery powered vibratory poker is called the Atom Poker and is available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

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  • Hire 46" Ride On Power Float

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  • This Floor Saw is designed to cut concrete to a maximum depth of 350mm. This self propelled floor saw is powered by a petrol Vanguard which produces 14 horse power. Available from Speedcrete United Kingdom.

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  • Hire or buy a Bunyan Striker roller screed from Speedcrete, suppliers of professional concrete finishing equipment in the United Kingdom.

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  • The popular Multivibe Powerscreed is designed to run on the surface of the concrete without form work, this allows flood pouring to complete a slab. This concrete finishing tool allows the operative to achieve concrete consolidation by efficiently transmi

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Concrete Hire Equipment

Speedcrete offers a massive range of concrete tools and finishing equipment available to hire for professional flooring contractor and avid DIY'ers. Browse from our range of concrete finishing tools, power screeds, power trowels and surface preparation equipment all available to hire & rent from our 4 strategically located depots throughout the UK.

If there are any specific requirements you have for concrete finishing & levelling equipment please contact us.

Hire Fresno Broom If you are looking to hire a Fresno broom then look no further than Speedcrete. A Fresno broom is a great tool for applying a non slip surface to your concrete slab for pedestrian and vehicle areas that looks great. Renting a fresno broom helps you to finish the slab from the edge of the bay and textur the slab with the broom. It is a costs effective option for contractors looking to hire a concrete broom when they are only doing small slabs.

Hire Big Blue Trowel The Big Blue Trowel is a tool that is typically used on almost every concrete pour. By hiring a big blue trowel kit you will help to achieve a professional floor finish. It provides a smooth finish which often negates the require to hire a powerfloat. It is especially useful for contractors who are doing limited concrete pours and wish to hire an easy float to minimize costs but still achieve a great finish.

Hire Mini Roller Striker The hire mini roller striker was designed for contractors who typically are laying bay sizes up to 6 meters wide. Renting a mini roller striker is the ideal method to lay concrete slabs when utilizing roadforms and typically used on external pours and jobs where tolerances are critical. Hire a mini roller striker for a lightweight, cost effective machine that gets the job quickly and accurately.

Hire Bunyan Striker The Bunyan Striker revolutionised the way concrete was laid with the UK. By hiring a roller striker from Speedcrete you will receive a hire machine & striker tube that is in tip top condition, accurate and straight that helps you to levels your slab accurately to tight tolerances. This is the original machine designed & manufactured in the USA and you will find no better roller striker to hire on the UK market.

Hire Power screed If you are looking to flood pour your slab's, typically when constructing garages, house bases & industrial buildings then hiring a powerscreed to level the concrete is the way to go. Rent a wet or free power screed to level the concrete for these floors as it is the ideal tool when you need to pour the slab in one operation. A hire powerfloat can be used after the levelling process to smooth the floor to achieve a professional floor finish.

Hire 46" Ride on Power Float If you want to achieve a professional floor then it's likely you will need to hire a ride on power float. A 46" ride on power float is the ideal machine to hire when you need to finish large slab areas or when you require extra weight to achieve a finish on a floor on hot sunny days or slabs exposed to strong winds which can cure the surafce quickly. By renting a ride on power trowel from Speedcrete you will receive a machine manufactured by market leading brands in tip top condition

Hire 36" Power Trowel The 36" Ride on Power Trowel is the most popular ride on power trowel to hire in the UK. It is the ideal weight & size for most smaller pours and is a great power trowel to learn on when first venturing from walk behind rental models up to a ride on machine. If you are looking to hire a power trowel throughout the UK we can supply a 36" ride on power trowel from one of our strategically located hire depots which can be dispatched on our own dedicated hire transport service direct to your construction site.

Hire 36" Electric Power Trowel Our 36" Electric powerfloats are available to hire throughout the UK. Specifically developed for the UK market we have developed these in conjunction with Barikell. The UK market is unique within Europe in it's demand for 110v on construction sites there we have help develop the safest 110V electric power float available to hire. Unique safety control systems feature on this trowel to ensure the operator is isolated from high voltages which make it ideal for the rental market.

Hire 24" Electric Edging Power Trowel The 24" electric edging power trowel was developed alongside our hire electric power trowel. These floats are typically used in areas where noise is a concern such as inner cities or applications where fumes from combustion engines can be of concern. Hiring an electric edging concrete trowel is simple and cost effective and can be supplied direct to your construction site from one of our four national hiring depots.

Hire 36" Power Float If you are looking to achieve a professional floor finish then there is no better way than to hire a power float form Speedcrete. By renting a power float you will achieve a super smooth finish to your slab surface. Speedcrete only supplies market leading, industry proven brands with the best features. If your looking to hire a quality power float that doesn't rock, bounce or break then you've found the right supplier.

Hire Edging Power Trowel Hire an edging power for finishing close to walls, upstands and obstacles. An edging power trowel is the ideal to to hire in conjunction with larger floats . The hire edging concrete trowel is light weight and allows you to starting trowelling earlier to assist in finishing the edges of the concrete slab and minimise hand finishing.

Hire Diesel Power Trowel At Speedcrete we hire almost every type of power trowel available on the market. A diesel power trowel is ideal for customer who have access to their own site fuel source. this helps to minimise production & rental costs. The extra torque generated by desel engines also make it an ideal machine for panning early in the finishing process. The hire Diesel power trowl is supplied with blades and pans can be specified on request

Hire Concrete Floor Grinder A hire concrete floor grinder is an ideal machine to correct surface imperfections over small or larger areas of up to 3mm. The resulting finish from hiring a concrete floor grinder is a smooth blemish free surface that is ready to accept further surface treatment. When renting a concrete floor grinder you must also use a suitable dust extraction system. Not only does this protect the operator from inhalation of potentially contaminated particles but also helps prevent damage to the machine. Hire one of our concrete floor grinder to correct mistakes and smooth areas for remedial works

Hire Scarifier The hire scarifier is a great tool to remove large amounts of surafce material from the slab surface. This machine is typically used where you need to remove up to 20mm from the slab surface. It utlises a rotating TCT cutting drum which punds the slab surface. The finished result from renting the scarifier is a rough 'cardboard' effect which may require further smoothing by hiring one of our concrete floor grinders to achieve the desired result. Alternatively hire one of our floor planers with a milling drum to achiece a smoother finish.

Hire Floor Planer If you are looking for a machine to remove large quanties of material from the slab surface then look no further than our hire concrete floor planer. The concrete floor planer is the machine to hire when you need to remove large amounts of material from the slab surface. Up to 20mm can be removed in a single pass. The floor planer utilises a milling head which by it design is more expensive than the rather simplier TCT cutting head which features on the scarifier. The milling head is ideal for concrete grooving applications and this floor planer can be hire for re grooving livestock areas to provide a non slip finish for farms & farmyards. Hiring a concrete groover is a simple and costs effective way of creating a non slip finish in existing concrete floors. The spacing can be altered to suit specific requirements.

Hire Dust Collector As part of any surface preparation or surface remedial work it is essential that you protect both the operator & the equipment. Therefore for any job it essential that you hire a dust collector with any floor grinding, planning or grooving job. Our dust collectors feature powerful 3 stage motors designed to remove all airborne contaminants which provide a safe working environment which increase production and downtime.

Hire Concrete Tents Our Concrete tents can be hired to prevent damage to the slab surface caused by rain, exposure to sun during hot summer days or exposure to strong drying winds which can cause early age shrinkage cracking when the slab surface dries much faster than the slab base. Our concrete tents can be hired to cover a way size of up to 6meters wide x 5mters long. The length can be extend to any desired length but the width is fixed. If you wish to hire our concrete tenmts please get in touch and a member of our team with provide you with a full quotation to your jobsite on our dedicated transport.

Hire Lightweight Poker A lightweight poker is a recommended tool to hire for almost all concrete slabs. Inconsistent concrete consolidation is the major reason slabs fail before they should. Voids in the concrete can expose vulnerabilities to freeze/thaw cycles which cause the breakup of the slab throughout its structure. Hire a lightweight slab poker to remove trapped air; created as the slab is poured. Work around the edge of forms and in a grid pattern across the whole slab to remove air

Hire High Frequency Poker Hire the latest is concrete vibrator technology with a a hire high frequency poker. These concrete vibrators ensure consistent consolidation of the slab whilst making the job easy and comfortable for the operative. They minimise hand arm vibration, produce consistent and smooth vibration and are powered by a safe 110V power source. Lightweight and easy to use hire one of these units today.