Hire 36" Diesel Power Trowel

Hire our 36" diesel power float. Electric power floats are great for panning applications requiring a high torque machine or for airside applications where petrol machines cannot be used because of safety concerns. Please call us on numbers below or click the enquire button below and complete our hire enquiry form and we will be in touch. Kings Lynn: 01553 829530 Salisbury: 01722 416196 Scotland: 0141 849 0077 Stafford: 01785 332891

Diesel power trowels offer unique advantages over other types of power. Renting a diesel walk behind trowel is ideal where you have access to on site fuel. There are much more cost effective to run than their petrol counterparts. Hire a diesel walk behind power trowel where you require extra weight to finish your floor. Great in summer months where the floor is exposed to wind and sun the extra weight can help to bring enough moisture to the surface to facilitate floor finishing. The increased torque levels provided by a hire diesel pedestrian powerfloat mean it is ideal as a panning machine

The diesel Barikell Power Trowels offer market leading performance. Featuring a 4.5HP Yanmah Diesel Engine it gives this unit reliability and durability at the jobsite.


  • Closed Protection Cage @900
  • Stiff Handle 1320MM
  • 4 Blades
  • Yanmar 4.5 HP
  • With Heavy Duty Clutch
  • With Lifting Hook
  • Long Handle With Iron Accelerator Cable and Rigid Wire
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