Concrete Texturing

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  • Flatten out bitumen and asphalt with this easy to operate roller which has a width of 40cm. Available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

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  • This Marion Brush Multi-Use Adapter is designed to be used with Marion's Chameleon finishing brush for an adjustable push-pull angle adjustment which allows the brush to make the correct pressure contact with the concrete. It can also be used for converti

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  • Polybristle Brush for texturing concrete. These brush heads are available in various texture strengths to suit your application. Available via Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

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  • Rock N Roller Marshalltown Big Roller Cobble Stone

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  • Hexagon shape roller for adding a textured surface to concrete. This shape will allow cattle to safely walk on a surface as it allows a slip resistant surface. Ideal for cow sheds in the agricultural yard. Available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.
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  • Chameleon single brush system

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  • Rock N Roller Marshalltown Non Slip Diamond

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  • This Marion Brush rope system allows large areas of concrete and screed to have a smooth finish. Available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

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Concrete Texturing

Concrete brooms and indent finishing

Construction professionals engaged in concrete finishing work know that having the best tools for the job can help them complete their tasks easily, efficiently and accurately.

That's why we at Speedcrete ensure we stock only the best products for experienced masons and this range is no exception.

With concrete brooms and indent finishing tools you can complete bays and floors quickly and precisely, as these well-crafted items will both help to boost productivity and assist operators in their accuracy.

There is a wide selection of equipment on offer here at Speedcrete, so why not take a look at the brief descriptions below to see which are most suited to your needs, or click on a product to see more detailed information.

Brick Deck Texturing Float

If you need to apply a non-slip, grooved texture to the surface of concrete, this could be the ideal tool for you.

This trowel combines a replaceable 75 mm-wide stainless texturing strip with a 200 mm-wide magnesium combination concrete float and makes it easy to leave indentations on materials when the product is pulled towards the user.

Applying a neat and aesthetically-pleasing uniform pattern on the concrete, this brush finish will not scrub out and offers excellent protection in powered traffic areas or anywhere people or livestock are at risk of slipping.

Chameleon Rope Brush System

This rope brush system is pulled from side to side during operation, which dramatically improves the uniformity of the finish left on concrete surfaces and massively reduces its handle weight.

Soft, medium and hard brush textures and colour-coded refills are supplied, making this tool extremely versatile - so there is no need to purchase several items to achieve different effects.

As it is handless, the chameleon can be used in awkward areas where grips would normally be restrictive.

Fresno blade only

Suitable for use with our poly and steel broomheads, this well-crafted zinc-plated float is ideal for adding a textured finish to a concrete slab.

Fresno Broom Complete

With a zinc-plated steel float, adaptor and texturing broom, these products feature radius ends to prevent lap marks - thereby assisting the operator in leaving a neat and accurate finish on concrete quickly and easily.

Manufactured using polybristle, the tool is available in soft, medium or hard textures, so there is no need to buy several products to achieve different effects.

It is supplied with a heavy duty knucklehead, float blade and brush of your choice.

Complete Fresno Broom Kits are also available.

Hexagon cattle flooring concrete imprint roller

Durable and cost-effective, these imprint rollers are fantastic for finishing concrete surfaces with a textured, hexagonal pattern.

The indentations are ideal for creating a non-slip surface for livestock areas and, as they are quick and easy to use, are suitable for both professional and amateur masons.

Providing grip in all directions, the imprint allows for effective drainage.

Hexagon cattle flooring concrete imprint rollers are available with Permacolour Liquid Release, which prevents the tool from bonding to wet concrete during operation.

Indent roller

Leaving a durable, non-slip surface of indented pyramids on concrete, these tools are often referred to as spiked rollers and are made of high-quality brass.

Well-crafted, strong and effective, these products will leave a pattern that simply won't scrub out.

Multi-Trac texturing float

If you want to leave the perfect grooves on a concrete surface, this could be the ideal tool for you.

This tool creates uniform patterns to increase traction, quickly, easily and very accurately.

Ideal for use in agricultural settings where a smooth crown is needed, the indentations the product leaves provide effective drainage.

Polybristle concrete brooms - broomhead

This tool can be used in conjunction with an adjustable wooden handle or a snap adaptor to create a finish broom.

It is also suitable as a replacement for a fresno brush and comes complete with a range of removable strips that offer a wide selection of textures.

Replacement polybristle concrete broom strip

When strips become worn on fresno brooms and concrete finishing brushes, these replacements can offer a durable non-slip texture to slabs.

Steel concrete brooms

Supplied with either a 1,500 mm wooden handle with a support brace, adjustable grip or snap adaptor, steel concrete brooms are perfect for texturing concrete surfaces on airport aprons, taxiways and motorways.

Steel concrete brooms - Broomhead

This versatile broomhead can be either be employed in conjunction with a fixed grip as a traditional brush, or combined with aluminium snap handles, adaptor and steel bracket to be used as a concrete finishing tool.

When paired with our fresno broom it can also create texture on large span bays.