Roller Grid 2

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The Roller Grid 2 is mainly used to create a durable surface in yard environments and is particularly good at creating a non-slip surface in agricultural yards and livestock sheds.

This 4ft wide roller creates a repeated square pattern in concrete which produces a durable non slip finish floor. The frame allows this piece of equipment to be easily cleaned after usage.

Simply roll out the pattern on the concrete.

This Lightweight imprint roller has comes with an aluminium roller frame which has a snap adapter attached, this adapter allows the standard 45mm diameter snap handles which are predominately used for many floats by concrete professionals. The roller frame is designed to allow the roller to be easily cleaned after use by flipping the unit around so the roller does not make contact with the ground whilst jet-washed or brush cleaned.

Tips for usage
Ensure you have ample reach on the slab we would suggest 4 to 5 metres to ensure the pattern stays straight, this is a two man job as when the roller gets to the far edge someone will have to pick the roller up and place it correctly so the pattern is uniform as it is pulled back towards the operative.

The true artform of this process and key to a successful outcome is firstly the mix of concrete used and secondly timing. Knowing when the concrete is ready to receive the texturing roller is critical. In regards to the concrete mix we would advise a pump mix containing a high sand content with a 4 inch slump.

If you haven't done this type of work before it would be advisable to speak to someone with professional experience, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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