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Power Float Hire

8 Item(s)

8 Item(s)

Power Float Hire

We have a larger range of powerfloats and power trowels available to hire throughout the UK from our strategically placed hire depots

We have several sizes and models from well known industry brands to choose from.

Find the right power float to hire for your project

Edging Power Trowel

Hire an edging power trowel to quickly finish along walls and around upstands. Their light weight allows the concrete finisher to get on the slab faster to begin the finishing process more quickly.

Rent 36" Power Float Hire the Standard power float here from Speedcrete. A walk behind 36" will allow you to finish your slabs to high standard giving you a super smooth finish to the concrete surface.

Hire Electric Power Float can be used for specialist tasks and where noise or fumes maybe of concern. Electric powerfloat are especially popular in inner cities where regulations imposed by councils prevent noise for engines after certain hours. We have electric powerfloats available to hire in both 24" & 36" sizes.

Hire a Mini Ride on Powerfloat This machine is perfect for larger areas where access is a concern or you simply wish to ride instead of walk!. The mini ride on trowel features an all new powerful 18HP motor so is the ideal machine for smaller jobs & tight access installations.

Hire Ride on Power Float Ride on trowels and the nbest power trowels to hire when you need a float to hire that can finish large slabs quickly and effciently. We can deliver rental power floats nationally through our network of depots.