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  1. Foam Pro Foamers
    Foam Pro Foamers

    Starting at

    Excl. Tax £345.00
    Incl. Tax £414.00

  2. Mesto Industrial Cart Sprayer
    Mesto Industrial Cart Sprayer
    Excl. Tax £272.50
    Incl. Tax £327.00
  3. Evolution Tools Engine With Jetwash Attachment
    Evolution Tools Engine With Jetwash Attachment

    Starting at

    Excl. Tax £366.00
    Incl. Tax £439.20

  4. Speedspray Bitumen Sprayer
    Speedspray Bitumen Sprayer
    Excl. Tax £2,250.00
    Incl. Tax £2,700.00
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Concrete Curing Sprayers

Here at Speedcrete, we have a great selection of concrete curing sprayers available for you.

The larger models are designed to handle 205 litre/ 45 gallon drum barrels.

These are available in either Allen Engineering's Razorback power sprayer or Speedcrete's own Speedspray unit.

Traditional handsprayers are supplied with viton seals, which are resistant to the aggressive curing compounds and concrete sealers that are currently used.

Have a look at the range of the products we have on offer and we're sure you will find one that fits your requirements perfectly.

Industrial Hand Sprayers

We have many options of this item available here at the Speedcrete website.

Professional Mesto & Chapin concrete curing sprayers are available in polyethylene, stainless steel & Tri-Poxy coated types..

You can make use of numerous features, such as a deluxe chemical resistant hose, viton or the new Xtreme seals and a wide mouth funnel top for easy filling.

Parts Kits

If you want to keep your hand sprayers in peak condition, they may occasionally need to have a few parts replaced.

Fortunately, you can easily get hold of replacement viton seals, pump springs and sealing compound right here.

Razorback Power Sprayer

An essential tool for building contractors, this can be great for spraying release agents and water-based sealing curing compounds.

Manufactured by Allen Engineering, it comes with a continuous recirculating system that ensures your material is always ready for spraying.

You'll find the Razorback Power Sprayer very easy to use, as well as a durable, powerful and reliable device.

Speedspray Classic

The Speedspray Classic has been superseeded!.This older design was hard to move around because of its poor design. Priming the machine was also very difficult and messy and typically meant spillages on the work areas or near about. check out the new SP25 concrete curing sprayers and the SP205powered sprayers for the new way to spray!