Mesto Profi Plus 10ltr Sprayer 10Ltr Viton® Seals, 3 Bar

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10 L, spiral hose, funnel cover, FPM seals, flat jet nozzle.

The plastic tank can be carried on the side and is equipped with a base, which ensures that the tank has a sturdy foothold on an uneven surface. The 50 cm long, 360° rotatable brass spray wand features a brass flat jet nozzle 80-01 with installed filter.

The plastic pump with ergonomic pump handle and steel piston rod is robust and convenient for pumping. The funnel cover installed at the pump is designed to protect against dirt. The spiral hose, which can be extended to a length of 2.5 m, is space saving and ensures long reach.

The shut-off valve contains a filter screen, which is easy to clean and protects the nozzle from clogging. The spray wand can be stored optimally on the device and the piston pressure gauge with installed safety valve offer a comprehensive set of equipment for the PROFI PLUS. 

The robust PROFI PLUS is ideally suited for continuous use by professional users.

Ideal for: Construction, trade.

Mesto Profi Plus 10ltr Sprayer 10Ltr Viton® Seals, 3 Bar

Product class Profi ***
EAN 4000903327019
Article type Compression sprayer
Fill capacity 10 l
Total contents 12,5 l
Max. operating pressure 3 bar/44 psi/0.3 MPa
Weight 3,1Kg
Tank material Plastic
Portability On the side, Back, Carrying straps padded
Nozzle type Spray nozzle, Flat jet rectangular distribution, Filter
Nozzle material Plastic
Spray wand material Plastic
Shut-off valve material Plastic
Shut-off valve connection for spiral hose D6
Shut-off valve characteristics with safety interlock, with filter
Hose length 250 cm
Hose diameter D6
Safety valve replaceable
Pressure gauge Piston pressure gauge
Compressed air filler valve Can be retrofitted
Device equipment
Safety interlock on the shut-off valve prevents unintentional spraying., Extra large filler opening with integrated filling funnel for simple filling and emptying without any spillage., Base with foot ring for a sturdy foothold when pumping., Spray wand and extension wand holders for space-saving and safe storage., Carrying strap for carrying at the side over the shoulder., Embossed level scale to monitor the level at all times., Ergonomic shut-off valve with filter helps protect your wrist. Filter is easy to clean and prevents clogging of the nozzle., The funnel cover prevents dirt contaminating the spraying agent and protects against contamination and clogging of the nozzle., Hose coupling with filter to prevent clogging of the nozzle., Nozzle for liquids requiring fine distribution.

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