Concrete Trowels

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  • Bronze Walking Groovers
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  • 16" x 3-1/4" Elite Series Five Star™ Round End Magnesium Float with Cork Handle, available from Speedcrete in the United Kingdom.

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  • Curved Stainless Hand Edgers Cork Handle

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  • 18" x 3-1/4" Elite Series Five Star™ Square/Square End Magnesium Float with Cork Handle. Made for concrete finishing, available from Speedcrete in the United Kingdom.

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  • 16 x 3-1/4 Elite Series Square End Magnesium Float c/w Cork Handle

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  • Moskito Edging Trowel 24" H/Duty 220V
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  • 250mmx100mm Rnd/Rnd - Blue Steel Concrete Trowel

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Concrete trowels and groovers

Professional construction workers place a lot of importance on using the very best concrete finishing tools.

That's why we at Speedcrete have selected this range of well-crafted and high-performance products, which is so extensive we've broken it up into 13 sub-categories.

To explore the tools we supply, have a look at the brief descriptions below, or click on an item to see more detailed information.

Edging trowels - Arris trowels

In this subcategory there are five excellent tools all specially selected for the professional mason who needs reliable equipment.

Blue carbon steel walking edging trowelsinclude a flexible, lightweight blade, which offers an excellent performance and "gives" just the right amount for efficient and comfortable work.

Blue steel edging trowels come with the same well-crafted blade and are similarly strong, durable and reliable.

Gator alloy edging trowels are a top seller! In fact, they were voted the best in their field by users. They're great for Air Entrained Concrete and are tougher and more durable than other products.

Hand bronze edging trowels are one-piece forged, comfortable to use, easy to clean and can cut smoothly and cleanly.

Walking bronze edging trowels can provide all the same features and excellent performance as their hand operated counterparts but also include a wooden handle to reduce the strain on the user's back.

Blue steel trowels

For those who prefer more flexibility in their tools, blue steel trowels could be the answer.

The items in this range are available in a variety of sizes and shapes detailed below.

The blue steel concrete trowel - square square - is prepared for operation by a process of skimming on the underside of the blade in the factory. 

The blue steel concrete trowels - round round - is another excellent and flexible float in this range.

The blue steel concrete trowel - round square - is similar to its counterparts but its unique shape may make it more suitable for certain jobs. 

Blue steel pool trowels are more nimble than their cement counterparts, with a more flexible blade making them the ideal tools for finishing transition radius' and bowls.


Bronze hand groovers are extremely durable and won't wear out like more traditional materials.

Concrete walking groovers make work easier on the operator's back and, as they are belt-polished, leave sharp and accurate indentations during finishing.

Groover bit attachments allow the user to form dummy joints during finishing. The product is easy to fit to a standard magnesium bullfloat.

Concrete name stamps

The concrete name stamps we supply are very strong and durable as they are manufactured from high-grade bronze. They are the perfect solution making permanent identifying marks.

Form-saver/step-save edgers

These form-saver or step-saver edgers are ideal for awkward corners, finishing bends easily and leaving them perfectly rounded.

Gauging and margin trowels

Gauging trowels are perfect for awkward or detailed work like finishing around stands or corners. They are one-piece forged, which leaves them strong, durable and reliable.

Margin trowels are also great for work that requires a nimble tool, while a process of tempering, polishing and grinding during their manufacture has left them perfectly balanced.

W Rose caulking trowels are ideal for making repairs on brickwork, as well as being sufficiently accurate and well-crafted to take on detailed work. They are supplied with a comfortable leather-bound grip.

W Rose cross joint trowels also come with a handle bound in leather and are painstakingly crafted to achieve the perfect balance.

W Rose duck bill trowels are great for performing finishing work in awkward areas like around corners and stands. They come complete with a leather-bound grip.

W Rose gauging trowels are similar to the Kraft product above but are also supplied with a comfortable handle wrapped in leather.

W Rose margin trowels are much like their more basic counterpart, which also features in this range, but these varieties are supplied with a leather-bound grip.

Plastic concrete floats

The heavy duty polyurethane float we have on offer is easy to clean, lightweight and durable. It easily withstands tough conditions and can provide a matt finish of top coating by raising the sandy components of the mix to the surface. 

Kraft precision-balanced concrete trowels

Kraft elite trowels are specifically designed for the professional mason. A high-end series they are precision-engineered with the latest and best technology, which "breaks them in" so that they are ready for use on purchase.

Kraft magnesium hand trowels - round round - have proved remarkably popular with experienced masons. They are lightweight, easy to clean and extremely durable.

Kraft magnesium hand trowels - square square - has an easy to clean powder-coated blade and, despite being lightweight, is very hardy.

Kraft precisions pool trowels are the best products on the market. They are ideal for use finishing bowls and transition radius'.

Kraft precisions - round round - feature cross ground blades and durable aluminium mounting. These perfectly balanced products are broken in and ready to use.

Kraft precisions - round square - similar to its round round counterpart, this tool has a unique shape.

Kraft precisions - square square - like others in the precisions series, this tool is strong, durable and comes complete with a proform handle.

Wooden hand floats

Mahogany wooden floats are well-crafted, luxury tools that can be made to bespoke specifications according to the requirements of the professional mason.

Redwood concrete floats are a lightweight premium product supplied with solid and comfortable grips. 

Pipe trowels

The pipe trowels we supply are perfect for masons who need a nimble tool to finish in awkward areas, such as around stands and the corners of concrete slabs.

Rub bricks

Rub bricks are made of fluted silicon carbide and are lightweight, durable and strong. They are available in a variety of different sizes and are very easy to use.

Concrete trowel sharpening

Speedcrete are proud to supply a trowel sharpener that is perfect for eliminating dents and restoring edges to their former glory.