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Pipe Trowels

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Pipe trowels

Here at Speedcrete we are proud to offer an extensive range of concrete finishing tools.

For those smoothing and evening-out bays, we have a large selection of products, many of which are made to suit specific tasks.

Accurate design and well-crafted machinery can go a long way in construction when you are faced with an awkward corner or require equipment that will be effective and efficient enough to help you complete many tasks in a short space of time.

Productivity is key on the jobsite and ensuring work goes smoothly does not just depend on reducing downtime, but being certain the tools you have at your disposal are the best available for the tasks you face.

Pipe trowels are an excellent item, which has been specialised to make it ideal for finishing awkward areas such as corners and stands.

While a larger tool may be great at extensive bays, it can be cumbersome and unwieldy in smaller spaces, making an extremely difficult job of a task that could be quick and simple.

That's why this product is so useful on jobsites - it's nimble and easy to use so you can smooth-down more detailed work and concrete in restrictive areas in no time at all.

One of the great things about having a small tool to cope with less accessible places is that the operator is provided with much more control over the gear than could be achieved with larger equipment.

However, precision is not the only factor that attracts us to this item.

Strength and durability are very important attributes when it comes to concrete finishing tools and we at Speedcrete ensure that all of the goods we supply are of the utmost quality.

These items are absolutely no exception, boasting a hardiness borne of a sturdy design and excellent manufacture.

Made in either blue or carbon steel, pipe trowels can withstand all the knocks and scrapes they might endure at work.

The toughness of the items will be welcomed on the jobsite, where replacing or repairing worn-out tools can be expensive, time-consuming and inconvenient.

Any seasoned construction professional is well aware of the fantastic quality you can expect from Kraft Tools products and we're pleased to announce that our pipe trowels are from one of the company's ranges - so you know you're getting a strong, durable and accurate piece of gear.

When ordering your brand new pipe trowels, please be sure you request the right variety to suit your needs.

Those looking for a blue steel tool should ask for 36001, while people who would like to purchase the carbon-based item must pick PL501PF.