Concrete Tamping

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  1. Magnesium Tamp Beam
    Magnesium Tamp Beam

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    Excl. Tax £187.50
    Incl. Tax £225.00

  2. Dapple Bar Screed Set
    Dapple Bar Screed Set
    Excl. Tax £220.00
    Incl. Tax £264.00
  3. Convertor Bracket
    Convertor Bracket
    Excl. Tax £25.90
    Incl. Tax £31.08
  4. EZ Screed Grading Tool
    EZ Screed Grading Tool

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    Excl. Tax £225.00
    Incl. Tax £270.00

  5. Tamp Beam Handles
    Tamp Beam Handles

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    Excl. Tax £85.00
    Incl. Tax £102.00

  6. 8' [2.4mtr] Easy-Grip Tamp Beam
    8' [2.4mtr] Easy-Grip Tamp Beam
    Excl. Tax £135.85
    Incl. Tax £163.02
  7. Roller Tamps | Single & Double Rollers
    Roller Tamps | Single & Double Rollers

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    Excl. Tax £59.50
    Incl. Tax £71.40

  8. Heavy Duty Tampers
    Heavy Duty Tampers
    Excl. Tax £95.00
    Incl. Tax £114.00
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Concrete tamp beams

As it is so important for floors and surfaces to be level and consistent, there are a wide variety of products available to ensure accuracy and ease in this task.

Speedcrete stocks power trowels - both ride-on and pedestrian - bumpcutters and concrete tamp beams for this use.

This range includes three different types of tamp beam, all of which are high-performance models designed to make the work of the mason more efficient and precise as well as much more comfortable and less arduous.

See below for a brief description of each item or click on the product to find more detailed information.

Aluminium tamp beam

The durability of any of a concrete worker's tools is incredibly important on a construction site where they could sustain knocks or where a product may be moved between jobs frequently.

Aluminium tamp beams are anodised in gold which not only ensures the hardiness of the item - in fact, those who have used this Kraft Tool's product before have enthused about its strength and reliability - but also allows for quick and easy cleaning, making one of the more tedious and strenuous tasks involved in construction a breeze.

As they are so much lighter than the traditional timber tamp beams, these screeds are much easier to transport and put less strain on the operator during use.

It also means that a much longer length of bar can be employed without the weight of the machinery becoming too cumbersome.

High-tech magnesium tamp beam

For impeccable strength and rigidity, the high-tech magnesium tamp beam features a unique extruded shape, increasing the accuracy and performance of the machine.

This product is much lighter than the aluminium tamp so it is ideal for long jobs and larger sites where it may have to be moved frequently as it reduces the strain for the user.

One of the benefits of using a profile tamping beam over a timber concrete variety is the increased accuracy of the tool, as precision is essential in the levelling of floors.

The item can be used in conjunction with saw beam tamp handles for critical tolerance jobs and its contoured shape – 115 mm by 44 mm - makes it easy to grip, while increasing the user's control over the machine, so it is perfect for hand screeding.

Super-tough lightweight magnesium tamp beam

The light weight of this product makes it easily portable on an expansive site or between jobs and could help to reduce fatigue for the operator.

Made from magnesium, it is up to 30 per cent lighter than other aluminium-based alloy screeds and much more rigid, preventing the bending or sagging of the tool over time, so it is guaranteed to maintain its high performance for years.

A range of handles that are easily fitted to tamp beams are also available from Speedcrete.