Aluminium Concrete Tamp Beams

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Speedcrete offer a range of Lightweight anodized 'GOLD' aluminium tamps which will ensure your concrete surfaces will have the desired finish.

Usage: Concrete Professionals will attach certain handles to these Straight-edged beams to either to suck-up the concrete surface to create a tamping effect or use with a sawing motion on high tolerance floors.

All handles can be purchased on the Speedcrete website for your desired use.

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10' [3.0mtr] Aluminium Tamp Beam SC410AL
12' [3.6mtr] Aluminium Tamp Beam SC412AL
16' [4.8mtr] Aluminium Tamp Beam SC419AL
19.8' [6.0mtr] Aluminium Tamp Beam SC420AL
24' [7.3mtr] Aluminium Tamp Beam SC424AL

Aluminium tamp beams

Choose from a range of lengths for our lightweight anodized gold concrete tamp beams.

If you're searching for a strong, reliable and well-crafted concrete finishing tool, these aluminium tamp beams offer excellent value, durability and toughness. The tamp Beams are very lightweight compared to the old style wooden models - which means it is easier to use a longer length of bar on the construction site. Additionally, the aluminium tamp beam is much easier to clean compared to the traditional wooden irregular surface - this reduces the chore of scraping the deposits from equipment at the end of a long day's pour.

These aluminium tamp beams are anodised in gold, which guarantees durability and are easy to identify on site.

Handles are available in either fixed or adjustable varieties which are very useful for high-tolerance jobs, so why not take a look at our range of grips, shown below.


  • Manufactured from 100% aluminium alloy
  • Box section 125mm x 50mm (5" x 2") or 89mm x 38mm [3½" x 1½"] Easy Grip
  • Available with Fixed or adjustable aluminium tamp beam handles or saw beam handles for high tolerance jobs, shown below
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