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Concrete Tamper | Jitterbug

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The Jitterbug Concrete Tamper

These concrete tampers are commonly known as Jitterbugs are used to push the coarse aggregate in a harsh mix below the concrete surface to consolidate the concrete. The Jitterbug helps to embed the aggregates down.

Tamping should only be done on low slump concrete. With high slump concrete, the coarse aggregates sink naturally and tamping can cause segregation of the aggregates.

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Concrete Jitterbug Tamp

The Jitterbug Tamper is a very useful tool to have when you get a load of concrete which can be referred to as a harsh mix.

A "harsh mix" is a term refering to a mix that has a lot of course aggregate, this tool can really come to the rescue as it will help to embed the aggregates down and encourage the paste up to the top to achieve a good finish. The tamping work in question will be typically done by an operative stood in the concrete.

Designed with practicality in mind

The Jitterbug Tamp has comfortable and ergonomic rubber grip handles which are angled to allow for ease of downward placement.  

The Concrete Jitterbug Tamp has a sturdy steel frame and managable base area which when in contact with the concrete gives balance to the operative as well as allowing the process to be carried out efficiently.

An extra perk

The Jitterbug Tamp can also be used to create a textured finish for more decorative projects when required.


  • Dimensions: 87cm x 91cm x 20cm
  • Weight: 6.6kgs

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