Dapple Bar Screed Set

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Take a look at our Dapple Bar Screeding set which gives you three interchangable bar widths: 900mm, 1500mm & 2500mm.

Dapple Bars are used to remove trapped air pockets for a perfectly flat and smooth surface finish. Used mainly for a multitude of Liquid Screed types, the dapple bar is used to tamp the screed; once fairly vigorously to get any air bubbles out of the screed and a second time more gently without leaving the surface to get a smooth finish.

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Dapple Bar Set

Our screeding dapple bar set comprises of a handle assembly and 900mm, 1500mm and 2500mm bars. The removable handle attaches to each size bar allowing you to change bars quickly depending upon the size of the work area.

Manufactured in Aluminum the dapple bar set is lightweight and easy to use making it effective and easy to operate over the screeding surface.

The dappling bars effectively both remove trapped air from the screed material and with a second pass help to smooth and finish the surface.

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Easy to use easy to store
Posted by
I like that you can use different lengths, if I have a small job I don't need to take the longest width with me in the van.
Posted by
Straight forward Dapple Bar with three width bars. Easy to change and sturdy.

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