Pedestrian Trowels

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  • Barikell 110V Electric Edging Power Trowel

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  • 36" Barikell Power Trowels

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  • Barikell Diesel Yanmar Engine Pedestrian Power Float.
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  • Speedcrete 36 inch Pedestrian Power Trowel
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  • Pedestrian walk-behind trowels for concrete finishing. This petrol powered Honda GX160 comes with a removable pan and has 6 blades. Available in the United Kingdom Via Speedcrete.
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  • The Barikell 24
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  • Power Trowel 46" Barikell Pedestrian Floats
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  • Barikell 36" Electric Walk Behind

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Pedestrian Power Trowels

If you want to achieve a smooth finish on a concrete pour without using up lots of time and money, investing in some specialist equipment can be a good idea.

Here at the Speedcrete website, we have a wide range of Pedestrian Power Trowels available, all of which are designed to produce maximum results with minimal effort.

They can save you lots of time and effort, which in turn saves you money as you will get your construction job done in no time at all.

Take a look at what we have on offer and decide which one you think best suits your building project.

24" Mosquito Edging Trowel

This is one of the most popular edging trowels around, as it is easy to transport and produces great results.

It is particularly good at coping with obstacles and finishing concrete along walls.

The Mosquito Edging Trowel comes with four blades and is powered by a GX160 Honda Engine.

You'll find it an indispensible device.

36" Allen Concrete Power Trowel

This product comes with plenty of high-quality features that help you produce a first-class concrete surface.

With its precision-engineered Allen gear boxes, cast iron spiders and lift levers, it is a hardy and long-lasting device that can cope with harsh conditions.

It also comes with a range of useful and innovative safety features, allowing you to work on your concrete pour with complete peace of mind.

36" Barikell Diesel Power Trowel

Another winner from Barikell, this power trowel is widely regarded as a market leader, as it offers durability and reliability.

It's particularly easy to remove or replace trowel blades on this device, so you shouldn't ever run behind schedule with this tool up and running.

36" Barikell Unleaded Power Trowel

Available in gas, diesel and electric variants, this Barikell tool offers a range of upgrades that set it apart from previous models.

This means you can enjoy high productivity and slab quality with this strong and trustworthy device.

46" Allen Concrete Power Trowel

This power trowel is one of the strongest on the market and is ideal for a professional who works with concrete.

It's also one of the safest, so you can achieve maximum results and productivity without putting you or any of your colleagues at risk.

If you want quality and reliability, look no further than this power trowel.

46" Barikell Power Trowel

Barikell is a trusted brand name in the world of power trowels, so you can be sure of what you are getting from this product.

It doesn't disappoint, as it is a trustworthy and hardy device that produces outstanding results on concrete surfaces.

Barikell 24" Electric Edging Trowel

If you want a market-leading power trowel that offers top performance levels, take a look at this product.

This is a speedy and reliable tool that will produce excellent slab quality and help to boost productivity on your site.

Electric Walk Behind

If you have to work in a fume-free environment, or a quiet residential area in the middle of the night, you don't want to be making too much noise.

This power trowel has been specifically designed to offer top results without waking up the neighbours.

So you can work peacefully without compromising on quality.