Paving Equipment

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3 Item(s)

Concrete Paving Equipment

When it comes to paving outdoor areas quickly, properly and safely, you need specialist equipment that can cope with the demands of a large job.

We at Speedcrete have several ideal machines for you to choose from.

They are currently unavailable to order via the website, but if you want to get in touch with us for more information, we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Alternatively, have a look at the following pages to find out more about the paving equipment we offer.

Allen Triple Roller Paver

Three versions of the Allen Triple Roller Paver are available from Speedcrete - one of which is powered by diesel, while the other two run on gasoline.

Containing precision engineered tubes, they are easy to operate and strike off concrete at an incredible rate. This leaves you with a perfectly smooth and flat paving area in no time at all.

You can pick from either the three models we have listed, or alternatively get in touch with us about any specific requests you may have. You can customise the machine to suit your individual needs if you wish.

Allen Work Bridges

The Allen Work Bridge is another great paving machine and can be powered either by diesel or gasoline.

However, construction engineers also have a range of other options to choose from when they are deciding what to buy.

Indeed, it comes in various sizes and can be customised to cater for your individual needs and tasks, making it suitable for a wide variety of outdoor paving projects.

This machine is great for jobs such as paving, applying curing compounds and textures, as well as working on joints or bull-floating.

As a result, it's a perfect option for builders who want to leave a professional finish on their outdoor paving job.