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Steel Concrete Brooms | Broomhead

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Steel Concrete Brooms | Broomhead
Flat Tine Steel Concrete Broom for Concrete Texturing Applications.
Product Stock Code Quantity Price
Float Adaptor Bracket
380211 +10 In Stock
Ex VAT: £33.75 Inc. VAT: £40.50
600mm (2ft) steel broomhead only
330007 +10 In Stock
Ex VAT: £44.00 Inc. VAT: £52.80
900mm (3ft) Steel broomhead only
330008 +10 In Stock
Ex VAT: £54.00 Inc. VAT: £64.80
1200mm (4ft) steel broomhead only
330009 +10 In Stock
Ex VAT: £69.50 Inc. VAT: £83.40
Clevis Handle
701077 5.00 In Stock
Ex VAT: £18.50 Inc. VAT: £22.20
Steel T Bracket c/w bolts
330012 +10 In Stock
Ex VAT: £6.05 Inc. VAT: £7.26
Outer Stay Bracket c/w Bolts [each]
380356 +10 In Stock
Ex VAT: £6.94 Inc. VAT: £8.33
45mm snap adaptor [Standard]
704453 +10 In Stock
Ex VAT: £12.50 Inc. VAT: £15.00
35mm snap adaptor
704452 +10 In Stock
Ex VAT: £12.50 Inc. VAT: £15.00


Primarily used for concrete texturing on motorways, airport aprons and taxiways. The steel broomhead can be used as a traditional broom with the addition of a fixed handle, as an extend-able concrete finishing broom with aluminum snap handles, snap adaptor and steel bracket or can be coupled with our fresno broom to provide a versatile texturing tool that can be used to cover large span bays.

Can be used with in conjunction with our fresno concrete broom system or as a traditional concrete finishing broom


Broomhead can be supplied with various accessories that can be chosen from above. For a traditional steel broom complete with fixed wooden handle please order the Steel concrete broom | Complete

A wooden handle or an aluminium snap handle, can be utilised to use as a finishing broom. Order with part no. 330012 [Steel Bracket] and with your choice of snap adaptor shown below to attach to an aluminum snap handle. In this way the broom handle can be extended to reach far out onto the slab. For the complete kit order the steel broom with adjustable handle from this page in your choice of size

Order Broomhead with 2 nos 380356 [Outer stay Bracket] to couple to the Fresno Broom for applying a brush finish to the concrete from the edge of the slab