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  • Mortar boxes from speedcrete, United Kingdom. Brick and masonry tool suppliers.

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Mortar Boxes

Some of the most useful bricklaying tools are also the most simple, as our selection of mortar boxes shows.

You may sometimes have to use a mortar mixer on your building site, but if you're working on a relatively small building job, it can be quicker and easier to just mix the mortar by hand.

If you go for this option, you'll be needing a good quality mortar box that meets certain criteria.

For instance, it has to be long-lasting, strong but easy to carry, sturdy and not too difficult to clean up afterwards.

Fortunately, the selection of mortar boxes we have here on the Speedcrete website offer all these attributes and much more besides.

Have a look at the following products to see which one suits your requirements the best.

Deep Mortar Box

We at Speedcrete offer a number of different deep mortar boxes, including a poly mortar box manufactured in heavy duty grade industrial polyethylene, and a steel mortar box manufactured in 16-gauge steel.

They are manufactured by Kraft, one of the major names in the bricklaying tools industry and an instant guarantee of quality to both professional bricklayers and amateurs.

Mud Dobbar Mortar Box

This mortar box is made from heavy duty ten gauge steel and comes with a reinforced one-inch steel handle.

It runs on wheels to save you from breaking your back, as chances are you'll be planning to mix quite a lot of mortar if you opt for this product.

Shallow Polyethylene Mortar Boxes

Two versions of these mortar boxes are available here on the Speedcrete website - 7.5 cubic feet or nine cubic feet.

You'll find this a great tool as it will not rust, and while it appears to be lightweight, it is actually very strong and tough.

Different shapes, different sizes, but all hardy and reliable. See which one you think will best meet your bricklaying needs.