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Sled Runners

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  • Sled Runners half round brick tools Speedcrete United Kingdom.



  • Sled Runners V-shaped Pro-form handle Speedcrete United Kingdom



  • Wooden handle V-Shape brickwork sled tool made bt Kraft Tool Co. Supplied by Speedcrete United Kingdom.
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  • Half Round Sled 14x5/8" Wooden Handle
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  • Speedcrete offer a selection of Kraft Tools half round convex sled runners for fine finishing bricklaying professionals. These Sled Runners all have a traditional wooden handle and a steel concave Joint. Speedcrete, United Kingdom.



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Sled Runners

If you want to get a good professional finish on your building projects, sled runners can be one of the most useful bricklaying tools around.

Here at Speedcrete, we have a number of different options available, so look through our selection and see what best suits your needs.

Half Round Sled Runners

Eight different versions of this sled runner are available from our website, all of which come with a high quality steel blade.

They are ideal for making round sunken or rodded masonry joints.

They are manufactured by W Rose, a renowned name and market leader in the bricklaying tools sector.

As a result, you can be assured that these meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Hubbard Sled Runners

We at Speedcrete have two different versions of this product available, complete with wooden handle and replaceable case-hardened steel blade.

Although you can fit a new blade if you want to, turning it while it is being used could help to distribute wear.

You will find the Hubbard sled runner, which works on the same principle as the jointer, is ideal for making half round sunken joints.

V Sled Runners

Great for block construction, this comes with a high quality steel blade and is perfect for work with horizontal V joints.

Four versions of this tool, again manufactured by W Rose, are available from the Speedcrete website.

Have a look through our selection of products, and we're sure you'll find one that is perfect for your next bricklaying job.