Ride-On Trowels

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  • 36" Ride-on Power Trowel Speedcrete
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  • Allen Engineering HDX605

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  • Concrete finishing and levelling power trowel. This five blade hydraulic machine is supplied by Speedcrete for concrete professionals in the United Kingdom.
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  • This powerful 5 blade 46" ride-on trowel is used to level concrete across large slabs and bays. Speedcrete have developed this machine as the ultimate concrete professional rider for the United Kingdom.
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  • Allen Engineering MSP465
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  • Allen Engineering MSP455

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  • The hydra-drive extreme HDX780 ride-on power trowel supplied by Speedcrete. United Kingdom suppliers.
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  • Barikell Mini Ride On Power Float

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Ride-On Power Floats

If you want to ensure a large concrete surface is completely smooth, you can't go wrong with our range of ride-on power floats.

They are designed with comfort and efficiency in mind, allowing you to work accurately, safely and speedily on wide surface areas.

Here at Speedcrete, we offer a number of different power floats that could be just what you need on your site.

Read on to see which one best fits your requirements.

Allen Engineering HDX600

This formidable looking device is powered with a 44 HP Turbo Charged Kubota Diesel engine and has a fuel capacity of 11 gallons.

It's easy to handle, with its key switch, hour metre and lights all situated in just one location, while the engine throttle is built into the seat frame.

While manual work is at the heart of what this device is designed for, you don't have to be uncomfortable while you are working the joystick.

It has adjustable arm rests and foot panels, as well as rubber compression engine mounts that help to reduce vibrations.

You'll find it a great tool to ride that produces first-class results each time.

Allen Engineering MP215

If you are new to ride-on power floats, the MP215 could be the ideal tool to get you acquainted with them.

It is well-sized for an entry level rider and comes equipped with a high horsepower gasoline engine.

Construction professionals can also make use of its standard duty gear boxes and four-bladed rotors to get the best results.

Great for finishing and panning, you can always expect to see a smooth concrete surface after taking this device out.

Allen Engineering MSP450A

This is a powerful and responsive rider that comes with an electric powered spray system and a super heavy-duty gearbox.

Add to that its five bladed rotors and 44HP Kubota engine, and you've got the perfect rider for larger contractors.

But while it's a hardy workhorse, Allen hasn't forgotten that you will need a little refreshment, so it's even got little features such as a built-in cup holder. How thoughtful of them!

Barikell Mini Edging Ride-on Trowel

This might be relatively small in comparison to other riding trowels on the market, but its size offers certain advantages, such as great maneuverability in tight quarters.

With its twin 75cm rotors and 13 HP Honda engine, the MK8-75 can be placed on concrete more quickly than its heavier counterparts.

Used in conjunction with larger ride-ons, you can guarantee that every corner of your site can get the necessary treatment.

Barikell MK8-90

This low-rider hydraulic power trowel comes with a joystick-driven control system, two rotors and eight separate blades.

Ergonomically designed to provide comfort and safety for the operator, it has a unique tubular main frame that ensures concrete doesn't get close to sensitive systems.

It is designed in such a way that machine wobble is minimal as you manipulate the steering levers and other controls, thereby giving you maximum control and fast access to your concrete slab.

If you are interested in any of these products, have a look further for full specifications, photos and pricing information.