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  • 360° / Spot Interchangable Lighting Tower
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  • Lite-Man Hi-PO Light Towers
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  • HI-PO Lite-Man 360 Degree Lighting Tower
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  • Speedcrete SCP8000iS 8KVA Digital Invertor Generator

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Portable Lighting Towers

Construction work such as road upgrades cannot simply come to a halt when it gets dark, especially as this is the time when it is easiest to avoid disrupting drivers.

That's why lighting towers have become a great resource for civil engineering professionals who keep our highways passable all year round.

We at Speedcrete provide a wide selection of portable lighting towers, which are highly versatile tools that can be used in almost any outdoor building scenario.

Here's a run-down of what we have to offer to help you decide what best suits your needs.

Lite-Man Hi-PO 360 Degree Light

Able to handle rough surfaces just as well as smooth terrain, this lighting tower is ideal on any outdoor construction job.

It provides soft and widespread illumination without causing any glare, so operatives can carry out their work without blinding passing motorists.

Available either in a manual or self-propelled format, you'll find this lighting tower a highly versatile and reliable device.

Lite-Man Hi-PO Light Towers

Great for shedding light on outdoor building work, the PB1300 offers 3,000w of illumination in a deceptively small package.

This makes an effective but mobile lighting tower that can be powered either with its onboard generator or your own power supply.

Lite-Man Multifunction 360 Light

Featuring an interchangeable head system, this lighting tower from Lite-Man comes with two standard spot lamps, one balloon lamp and one towerlight body.

This allows operators to enjoy either soft diffused all round light or highly targeted illumination.

We at Speedcrete offer both manual and self-propelled versions of this model, which has to be one of the most versatile lighting towers currently on the market.

Kipor XI Series Invertor Generators

Of course, any portable lighting tower is only truly mobile if it has a portable power source as well.

This compact and lightweight generator offers all the power you would associate with a traditional model, but with half of the size.

It has low fuel consumption, which means it lasts a long time, as well as a steady voltage without any surges or fluctuations.

As a result, it's great to use with even the most sensitive electronic equipment.

Any or all of these products should be ideal for any construction work that you're carrying out at night. Click through to the main pages for full product specifications and see which one can shed light on your construction project.