Brick Trowels

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  • Marshalltown 12" Wide London DuraCork Grip

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  • Wide heel w.rose trowels with leather handles are available in the United Kingdom via the online shop at Speedcrete.



  • W.rose Philadelphia brick trowels with a cork handle are available via Speedcrete, United Kingdom. These forged steel trowels are a professional masonry tool of high quality.



  • Philadelphia Pattern Kokoro Brick Trowel with a leather handle. These professional masonry tools are made from a single piece of forged steel for extra strength. Available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.



  • Kokoro London Narrow Leather Handle Trowels



  • Kokoro Philadelphia Cork Handle Trowels



  • Kokoro London narrow style professional brick trowel available in three sizes from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.



  • W.rose brick trowel from Speedcrete, United Kingdom. Leather handle and available in various sizes.



Rose Brick Trowels

Rose brick trowels are manufactured by US brand W Rose, established in 1798 and still producing bricklayers tools to high standards today. The characteristics of the trowels themselves could prove alluring to professionals looking for a versatile tool capable of withstanding the rigours of the building site. Each blade is designed with great flexibility and W Rose's own special taper grind, while being forged in a single piece to remove the need for joins or welds between the blade and the tang - the spike that extends into the handle. The handle itself can be made from a variety of materials - wood, leather, plastic or ProForm - and is contoured for maximum comfort during use.

Philadelphia Pattern Brick Trowels

Philadelphia pattern brick trowels from W Rose are available in each of the four handle options, giving the comfort of leather, the durability of wood, the balanced and smooth plastic handle or the soft finish of ProForm. The blade is in the Philadelphia pattern, an arrowhead-shaped design with a narrow tip and angled base.

Narrow London Pattern Brick Trowels

As before, the four handle options are available to choose from, with narrow London pattern brick trowels available with plastic, ProForm, wood or leather handles to suit individual tastes. Here, however, the blade itself has a more tapered design, similar to the outline of a feather. Its base, where the tang connects, is acute, compared to the wider-angle Philadelphia pattern.

Wide London Pattern Brick Trowels

To move away from the Philadelphia pattern without losing its width, wide London pattern brick trowels offer the best of both worlds, with a base angle of about 90 degrees flaring out to a round-cornered inverted kite shape. The tip still offers a tapered precision edge, but with a less severe point than the narrower designs.

Specialty Brick Trowels

There are specialty brick trowels available for almost any purpose, each with its own unique shape of blade to suit the application for which it is specified. Narrow, straight-edged caulking blades ensure access to the smallest gaps, while the range flares out to tile trowels and bucket trowels when a wider blade is required.

Gauging & Margin Trowels

Almost a subset of the speciality category, gauging and margin trowels are specifically intended for smaller areas, with narrow-nosed blades and straight edges helping to make sure they are able to fit into the gaps. With a range of sizes available, you should find there is a trowel available no matter the size of job you are working on.