Slab Protection

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  • Heated Curing Blanket 1.5mtr x 7mtr. This heated blanket is used to warm concrete evenly during the curing process as a protective measure against cold weather conditions. In cold / frosty or snow covered conditions concrete jobs can go catastrophically w

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  • Rolls of material to insulate concrete from harsh cold conditions and frost. This 75 metre long roll has a thickness of 7mm and is used by concrete industry professionals. Available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

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  • If you are laying concrete in rainy or hot conditions these specially designed Tents offer protection from what could be a very costly situation. Protect the concrete from rain and intense sunlight. available to hire or buy from Speedcrete, United Kingdom
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  • Concrete Frost Blankets

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  • PVC Replacement Concrete Tent Covers

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  • Hire Concrete Tents

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  • These protective blankets measure 6 x 3 metres and are used by concrete professionals to provide protection to freshly poured concrete slabs during cold weather conditions. This durable blanket insulates against frost during the winter and can also be use

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    Curing Blankets Heavy Duty

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Concrete Surface Protection

Speedcrete bring you our concrete tents. A solution to provide protection for your concrete slabs during summer and winter months. Ensure your slab is protected from the elements with this novel solution. Re-instatement works can cost literally thousands of pounds. Why take the risk of Rain or Sun damage in hot summer conditions when you can provide protection of you freshly laid concrete slab with our Speed Tent range. We even offer a Concrete Tent hire service nationally in the UK but can export sales items worldwide. When you must lay concrete in the rain ensure to use our concrete tents for you concrete rain protection needs.

Concrete Covers

Replacement concrete covers are available to replace worn or damaged tarpaulines. Our concrete covers are designed to withstand winds of reasonable intensity. Our concrete covers are colour coded to facilitate quick construction. They provide excellent protection for freshly poured concrete ensuring that the slab is not pitted by rain marks on the concrete surface. Equally suitable for summer months the concrete covers provide shade to the surface of the concrete slab. In hot conditions the surface of the concrete slab can dry out too fast causing shrinkage cracks, curling and in severe cases surface delamination of the concrete slab. By providing shade to the top of the concrete slab the surface has a chance to cure naturally preventing these conditions.

Frost Blankets

Our frost blankets for concrete provide excellent frost protection over winter months to protect freshly laid concrete from freezing. Our frost blankets provide excellent thermal protection for laying concrete on cold days through it's 10mm closed cell construction. Frost can damage concrete by freezing trapped water still held within the concrete slab. This can break open the surface of the slab costing thousands in reinstatement costs. Protect your concrete slab this winter with our concrete frost blankets.

Concrete Tents

When you're working on a construction site outdoors, the last thing you want is for it to be damaged by the weather, such as heavy rain or baking hot sun.

After all, time is money on any major building job and the time you spend repairing weather-related damage or possibly even starting from scratch can cost you a considerable sum.

Fortunately, help is at hand, as we at Speedcrete offer a number of concrete tents that can allow you to protect your concrete slabs when the weather is at its most extreme.

With these products, you can rest assured that even in the most extreme torrential downpours and high temperatures, your concrete slab will be perfectly safe.

Read on to get more details about our products and how you can get one for your site.

SpeedTENTS Concrete Tents

These concrete tents come in a variety of sizes, so take a look at the options we have on sale and see what best suits your needs.

But don't forget, there is no reason why you cannot use more than one tent to ensure that longer sites are protected from the elements.

SpeedTENTs products are very hardy and reliable, providing good cover for your concrete slabs in a wide variety of weather conditions.

And they are cleverly designed to stay fairly close to the ground, which means even if winds are gusting all around your site, they are unlikely to get blown from their positions.

If you have specific needs and requirements, you can get in touch with us and your concrete tent will be manufactured with this in mind.

Construction engineers and site managers will also be pleased to know that putting up a concrete tent couldn't be easier, while they have also been designed to ensure it is just as simple to transport them from site to site.

Replacement Concrete Tent Covers

We all know that British weather can occasionally be quite exceptional and highly destructive.

So even though your concrete tent has been designed to withstand anything that is thrown at it, the forces of nature could occasionally prove to be too much for it to take.

That's why we at Speedcrete offer a number of replacement tent covers, so you can refresh and renew your tent without going to the expense of buying a completely new item.

And don't forget, if you don't need a concrete tent on a permanent basis, we at Speedcrete offer a hire service to our UK customers. Get in touch with us for more details.