Curing Blankets Heavy Duty

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Heavy Duty Curing Blankets

These protective blankets measure 6 x 3 metres and are used by concrete professionals to provide protection to freshly poured concrete slabs during cold weather conditions. This durable blanket insulates against frost during the winter and can also be useful during the hot weather of summer to protect curing concrete slabs during intense heat.

Both frost and heat can be detrimental to the curing process so these blankets are very useful when protecting your projects from failure.

This Heavy duty frost blanket comes with a 1.16 U value of certification.

Certified with a 1.16 U value. Guarantee your slab insulation

Our all new heavy duty curing blankets provide protection for your slab during the cold winter days or in the hot summer months. Featuring a tough reinforced PVC outer layer the blanket is far more durable than the traditional one use, miothene based frost blankets that are also available. Each blanket covers a large 6 metre x 3 metre area which maximises coverage and portability. These reusable blankets offer great value for money, each blanket features a dark side for retaining heat during winter and a light side, to reflect heat during hot spells which assists in preventing early age shrinkage cracking and slab curling.

It is essential to ensure continuous contact with the slab surface to maximise heat retention during the curing process, so this blanket features brass tie down points at meter intervals to ensure the blanket does not curl up during windy conditions.

The blanket provides an R Value of 0.823m2/k/w providing a high level of insulation to protect the slab from frost.

Speedcrete are proud to offer a blanket made from such durable material which is easy to clean and will last for a long time.

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