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Channel Radius Floats with Gearbox

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channel floats are ideal for large flood poor high tolerance flooring contracts
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1200mmx150mm (4ftx6")
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1500mmx150mm (5ftx6")
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2400mmx150mm (8ftx6")
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3000mmx150mm (10ftx6")
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Channel radius floats complete

Large areas of concrete, such as flood pour high tolerance flooring contracts, pose a time-consuming task for construction professionals.

That's why many people seek the best tools to make the job quick, easy and economical.

The channel radius float is exactly what industry professionals are looking for when it comes to finishing extensive areas of concrete.

Efficient and accurate, it boosts productivity and leaves you with a perfectly even floor every time.

As it features an innovative "twin edge" design, the trowel is able to perform two tasks at once to improve the speed and precision of finishing jobs.

The front edge is very effective at trimming higher spots of concrete, while the rounded rear smooths lap marks and fills in low parts.

Through this dual action, the operator is left with a remarkably even floor in no time at all.

Although it is lightweight - making it easy to use and transport - this machine is incredibly strong and durable, guaranteed to last for years.


The channel radius float comes with a heavy duty knucklehead. It has round ends to reduce lapmarks and a rounded front edge for floating. It has a square 90 degree back edge for cutting high spots, and a rounded front edge for smoothing and filling in low spots.

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