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Multivibe Honda Powerscreed

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The Multivibe Honda Powerscreed is designed to run on the surface of the concrete without form work, this allows flood pouring to complete a slab.

Available with a variety of Magnesium screed beams (sold seperately) up to a maximum width of 24ft (7.3 metres). Please find more details below.

Vibrating concrete with a Multivibe will compact and create stronger concrete, while also saving back fatigue. In other words, it makes the job easier and gives you a better finished product.

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Multivibe Honda Powerscreed

The Multivibe Dual Handle Powerscreed is an exceptionally lightweight wet screeding machine fitted with a 4-stroke Honda petrol (gas) engine and available with a variety of Magnesium screed beams up to a maximum width of 24ft (7.3 metres).

A precision engineered machine for those looking for their equipment to last. The sealed and easily serviced vibratory unit makes for unparalleled reliability. Its unique blade composition and shape offers a considerable weight saving over aluminium counterparts and further facilitates the after pour cleaning process.


  • Power Rod 100 with two handled screed assembly c/w Honda engine.
  • Aircraft T6 aluminium construction
  • Two handles screed assembly
  • Powered by Honda GX35 (4 stroke engine)
  • Tool free handle adjustment
  • Tool free floater bar connection

The Multivibe Dual Handle Screed is also available as an electric version (Multivibe Drillscreed).


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