Concrete Vibrators

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

Lightweight Concrete Vibrators

See our range of concrete vibrators from lightweight concrete vibrator to traditional engine framed pendulum pokers. We have a concrete vibrator for every job site application. The Hummer is our latest lightweight portable concrete poker. The Hummer is lighter and much more manageable than traditional pokers and gives greater performance and reliability. It is especially suitable as a concrete slab poker. The hip mounted concrete vibrator has proved a great success as it is alot lighter than older backpack poker models.

High Frequency Concrete Vibrators

We have a complete range of Technoflex high frequency electric pokers. Our high frequency concrete vibrators come with a variety of flex lengths and head sizes to suit many typical applications including a concrete poker for floor slabs and wall and concrete column vibrators. The excel is our top of the range electric high frequency concrete vibrator featuring 7meters of flexible hose and a choice of poker head sizes to 60mm [2½"]. We also have a unique mechanical shaft high frequency concrete poker vibrator called the 'Rabbit' (Who named that one!). With the mechanical connection this allows the ability to alter the flex and head sizes providing you with a more versatile poker. The electric drive unit keeps this concrete vibrators noise to a minimum.

Concrete Pokers

We have a variety of concrete pokers and concrete vibrators available. Including high frequency electric models available in 110 volt and 230 volt for export. Concrete pokers are used to consolidate the concrete ad remove air pockets and voids created as part of the concrete placement process. There are particular types of concrete pokers suitable for certain applications if you need any advice please contact us for details.

Pneumatic Air Concrete Vibrators

Pneumatic concrete vibrators or Air pokers as their commonly known are becoming less popular with recent developments in the high frequency electric poker models. However if you still demand the most powerful concrete vibrator then air is the best option unless you have access to hydraulics. Our pneumatic air pokers run up to 80mm vibrator heads to give you extreme amplitude to tackle even the most aggressive concrete mix designs.