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  • This battery powered vibratory poker is called the Atom Poker and is available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.
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  • Multivibe Hummer Concrete Vibrator

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  • Technoflex Air Concrete Vibrators

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  • The concrete multivibe Honda Powered. This concrete finishing tool allows the operative to achieve concrete consolidation by efficiently transmitting vibration evenly arcoss the bar (beam) for optimal compaction. Available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

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  • Gen3 MagVibe Package
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  • Allen Backpack Concrete Vibrator Kit

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  • Battery 4AH Battery Atom Products

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  • Battery 2AH Battery Atom Products

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Petrol Concrete Vibrators

Petrol concrete vibrators help to combat the enemy of strong concrete - air bubbles. Agitating the concrete before it is set helps to drive any pockets of air to the surface, rather than allowing them to remain trapped within a structure and potentially cause weaknesses.

As with other types of tool, petrol concrete vibrators offer freedom of movement - there is no need to have a mains electricity supply or an independent generator available, as long as there is fuel in the vibrator's own tank.

Whatever job is being undertaken - whether it is large or small, foundation, flooring or structural work - there is a head and flex size to suit, with specially designed equipment for column construction.

Multivibe Hummer Lightweight Concrete Vibrator

The Multivibe Hummer Lightweight Concrete Vibrator is a great versatile option for different kinds and different sizes of job. It comes in two flavours - the conventional Hummer Concrete Vibrator and the Hummer Fishing Pole. The latter is ideal for work on columns or other sizeable structures with only a small opening.

Versatility is further extended by virtue of the Multivibe Hummer Lightweight Concrete Vibrator's flex lengths, which are available at 1.2 m, 1.8 m and 2.4 m depending on requirements. Head lengths of eight or 12 inches are available, with head circumference set at either one or two inches.

Shafts and heads can be bought separately as they are needed, making the base unit a great way to start working towards a complete and adaptable system without having to purchase all the parts at once.

Technoflex Classic Pendulum Poker

The Technoflex Classic Pendulum Poker is a concrete vibrator powered by petrol and with a pendulum drive, offering a head frequency of 12,000 rpm. The 45 mm head measures in at 472 mm in length, with a five-metre hose further increasing the range of the unit.

A 5.5 horsepower Honda petrol motor provides the power, with a protective metal cage and air cooling helping to maintain the safety of the device in operation.

The Technoflex Classic Pendulum Poker has further protective features in the form of a synthetic rubber coating on its spiral-wound flexible steel sheath. Resistant to grease, water and oil, as well as preventing the hose from conducting electricity, the sheath ensures peace of mind during use.

Meanwhile, the upscaling from the 3,000 rpm speed of the engine to the 12,000 rpm head frequency is achieved without an intermediate clutch, by virtue of a patented system.