Electric Power Trowels

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2 Item(s)

Electric Power Trowels

Sometimes on a building site, you need heavy duty concrete finishing tools that can take away the manual labour.

That's why electric power trowels are especially popular with builders, as they can leave a smooth finish on a concrete pour with minimal effort.

They can save you lots of time and effort, which in turn saves you money as you will get your construction job done in no time at all.

Here at Speedcrete, we have a number of electric power trowels available.

Take a look at the following products and decide which one you think best suits your needs.

Barikell 24" Electric Edging Trowel

This tool from Barikell is one of the most reliable and durable electric power trowels you can buy.

It comes with four blades, a foldable handle and a 600mm 24" floating disk.

You can be confident of high productivity levels and excellent performance with this machine.

Barikell 36" Electric Walk Behind

This electric power trowel is another excellent product that outdoes most of its rivals.

The machine is powered by a 3.5HP electric motor, which allows it to run quietly during the hours of darkness.

You will therefore find this a very versatile, reliable and effective tool that lets you work in a fume-free environment.