Testing Equipment

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  • 240V Concrete Curing Tanks are perfect tanks for onsite testing of concrete cube moulds where allowed or great laboratory curing tanks. They maintain temperature of the cubes at the required 20°C. Available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.
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  • Professional Zinc Curing Tank
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  • Cube moulds are used to gather concrete samples for lab testing.

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  • Non destructive concrete testing with the concrete hammer available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.
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  • The Pro Concrete Thermometer features a probe connector that allows you to connect a variety of different temperature probes for measuring different substances.
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  • 110V Concrete Curing Tanks are supplied by Speedcrete in the United Kingdom. These tanks are used for lab quality curing before testing for strength. Available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

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  • A Metric Graduated Measurement Wedge is a great tool for the task of determining how accurate the work is by sliding the wedge under a straight edge tool which has raised blocks to take the measurement.

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  • Floor Calibration Measurement Tools. Accurately checking a concrete floor to ensure that it is perfectly flat (surface regularity) can be carried out with the tools on this page. Choose from our 2 metre (code: 26550)  or a 3 metre (code: 26555) straight e

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Testing Equipment

When you are working with concrete, you may need to carry out a number of tests to ensure it meets the required standards.

Here at the Speedcrete website, we have a range of specialist products that are ideal for ensuring you get accurate and speedy results.

Straight Edge and Graduated Wedge

This tool is used to determine the lateral surface regularity of any concrete surface, such as a road or floor.

Measuring approximately three metres in length, it is supported equally at each end with an aluminium wedge block, which comes separately.

Concrete Delamination Testing Kit

This tool allows you to identify those areas of delamination caused through corrosion or bond failure.

You will find it a quicker and more efficient alternative to traditional means of testing, as it makes use of a non-destructive rotary percussion method.

Concrete Test Hammer

If you need to evaluate the surface strength of concrete in any particular part of the structure, why not try this test hammer.

Concrete Test Moulds

We have several versions of this product available, which can be filled with concrete on site before they are allowed to cure.

Once the mould has been dismantled, the concrete can then be kept in storage for quality control purposes or sent to a lab for tests.

Polypropylene Concrete Curing Tanks

These heavy duty polypropylene concrete curing tanks come with all the features you would expect from a product of this kind.

This includes a heater, temperature controller, galvanised cube support rack, mains lead and plug.

It's one of the most accurate products you can find and comes in either metal or plastic form.

Slump Cone Test Set

Manufactured from stainless sheet steel, this has been especially designed to protect against corrosion.

The testing set includes the cone, tamping rod and measuring system.

Vibrating Tables

These vibrating tables can easily handle 3,000 vibrations a minute, although the intensity of the vibrations can be varied if required.

They have been designed to operate without generating too much noise, so you should find these an efficient and unobtrusive tool.

If you are interested in any of the above products, why not click through to look at the full specifications. You will also find photographs and pricing details for each item.