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  • SA12 Steel Truss Screed

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  • AE12 Aluminium Truss Screed

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  • The Razorback Truss Screed from Allen Engineering is available for concrete levelling from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

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Razorback Truss Screeds

If you are looking for specialised concrete power screeds to level the surface profile of your concrete pour, then look no further than this selection of products.

The Razorback Truss Screeds are great for use on a building site, offering maximum results and high productivity each time.

Have a look at the selection we have on offer here at Speedcrete to see which ones would suit you best.

12ECS Aluminium Truss Screed

This labour-saving aluminium device is a proper workhorse that will go a long way towards boosting productivity and cutting costs on your building site.

It has a range of great features such as an adjustable end handle with rollers and hydraulic power winches.

All this facilitates faster placement of concrete slabs and the best possible results.

And to make it even more handy and user-friendly, the Razorback 12ECS can be used with a screed cart that allows for easy transportation.

12HD Steel Truss Screed

This steel truss screed has been designed to provide maximum tolerances across large bays.

It features ten gauge galvanized steel screed blades and precision engineered naval bronze piston vibrators placed on 30" (762mm) centres.

These work in tandem with standard duty hydraulic winches, which come complete with a hydraulic reservoir and pull-style disengagement.

The 12HD Steel Truss Screed also has its own Quick Disconnect Coupling System, which allows for quick assembly and disassembly of the screen without compromising tolerances.

like the 12ECS Aluminium Truss Screed, it can be used with its very own screed cart.

We would recommend you use a heavy duty screed cart with this hardy and tough device.

12HED Steel Truss Screed

Another great steel truss screed to consider, this model features ten gauge galvanized steel screed blades.

Designed to provide maximum tolerances across large bays, it comes with a useful range of features including a Quick Disconnect Coupling System and Standard Duty Hydraulic Winches.

You can also use a heavy duty screed cart to transport your truss screed around your building site.

All these features and much more besides have helped the 12HED Steel Truss Screed to become a popular device and the tool of choice for many professional building contractors.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products we have listed, have a look further for more information, including prices, pictures and full technical specifications.