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  • Heavy duty aluminium concrete placers help move and level concrete on the slab. Available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

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    Heavy Duty Texas Placers
  • Laser Column Mount Magnetic
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  • Sands Professional Brass Bound Mahogany Level (6 Vials)

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  • Sands Professional Stainless Steel Mahogany Level (6 Vials)

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  • Sands Professional Magnetic Digital Levels

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  • Sands Professional Walnut/Maple Laminated Level

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  • Sands Cast Level Repair Kit

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  • Sands Professional Levels Case 48"

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Laser Levels

The laser level is an incredibly important piece of equipment for both the construction professional and the amateur builder.

To complete a job in a neat and professional manner, it is absolutely essential that the materials being built or hung are straight. In many cases, the safety and stability of a structure relies on the ability of the construction professional to be as precise as possible.

A laser level combines the technology of the spirit level and the pendulum level, making it easier to determine a straight line over a greater distance without the need to look at a bubble.

Using a laser level could help you achieve greater accuracy as during use a laser line shines from the level, making it easier to keep materials straight.

Here at Speedcrete, we have three different varieties of laser level to choose from. Each comes with its own carry case, tripod, staff and 12-month warranty.

Here is a run down of their features:

The Topcon RL-H4C Laser Level

The RL-H4C from Topcon is one of the world's fastest self-levelling lasers, rotating at a speed of 600 rpm.

Combining accuracy and durability with a liquid compensation mechanism, this machine is highly precise, reliable and saves on manpower with no need to look at a bubble.

An impressive range of up to 2,500 inches in diameter, it is intended for long to medium-range use.

The RL-H4C comes with a SmartReceiver which offers a dual-sided digital readout and 11-level beam finder for faster, more accurate levelling operations.

The machine is highly durable with a fully waterproof, dustproof casing, resistant to IP56 standard.