Masonry Brushes

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  • Bricklayers Horse Hair Brush

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    Bricklayers Horse Hair Brush
  • Jumbo Bricklayers brush, available from Speedcrete.

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  • Stucco Brush for bricklayers and carpenters. This rustic brush is used to clean up work areas. Available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.

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  • Long Handle Wash Brush Plastic Bristles
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    Long Handle Wash Brush Plastic Bristles
  • This versatile long handled brush features long-wearing white tampico fibers that can be used on masonry, brick, tile, stone, and more. Available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.
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  • 10" x 3" Large Heavy Duty Acid Resistant Brush. This versatile brush features long-wearing white tampico fibers perfect for applying coatings, rough scrubbing, and acid cleaning.

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  • Long Handle Wash Brush Palmyra Bristles

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  • Long Arm Wash Down Brushes

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    Long Arm Wash Down Brushes

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Masonry Brushes

Bricklaying can be a very messy business, but it is important to try to keep your building site as orderly as possible.

That's why we at Speedcrete offer a selection of masonry brushes, allowing you to stay on top of your development and ensure it remains organised and accessible.

Not just any brush will do on a busy construction site, as it needs to be able to stand up to heavy duty treatment and exposure to harsh materials.

Have a look at the selection we have available here on our website to see which one best suits your needs.

Bricklayer's Brush

We at Speedcrete have two versions of this bricklayer's brush for sale.

Manufactured by Kraft, they are made from medium soft hair or horse hair.

Bricklayers should find them ideal for keeping their site neat and clean while they are working.

Heavy Duty Acid Brush

The Heavy Duty Acid Brush does exactly what the name suggests, as its tampico fibres can stand up to the harshest treatment.

Builders will find it an invaluable tool for cleaning up acid and for scrubbing rough block work.

You can choose from a variety of handles, allowing you maximum flexibility, practicality and comfort.

Jumbo Utility Brush

The Kraft Tool Co certainly knows a thing or two about manufacturing great bricklaying equipment - something which is highly apparent in the Jumbo Utility Brush.

This item can be considered one of the best masonry brushes that is on the market and its tampico fibre bristles enable it to withstand plenty of usage over a long period of time.

Furthermore, it is great for use on a variety of surfaces, including brick, tile, masonry and stone.

It's perfect for getting rid of that dust and residue on a building site quickly and easily.

Long Arm Wash Down Brush

Strict health and safety guidelines operate in every workplace and especially on construction sites.

That's why specialist masonry brushes have been developed to ensure that a builder's hands do not come into contact with acid.

Three versions of the Long Arm Acid Brush are available here on the Speedcrete website.

One comes with white tampico bristles, while the others are equipped with palmyra or plastic bristles.

Every product in this range comes with a 5" by 6" brush face and a handle that is very easy to grasp.

Have a look further for more specifications and details on product prices. We're sure you'll find that one of these masonry brushes is perfect for meeting your bricklaying needs.