Long Arm Wash Down Brushes

Long Arm Wash Down Brushes
Our long arm wash down brushes features 20" handle to keep your hands out of the chemical. 2" Fibres give just the right spring to the bristles
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Long-arm wash down brushes

Wash down brushes are vital pieces of equipment on construction sites and using a high-quality product is important in the maintenance of both safety and accuracy.
With potentially harmful substances like acid, it is incredibly important to put caution first and, with this long-arm brush, you can be sure that you are keeping yourself at a distance from more dangerous work.

The product features a 20-inch handle that keeps your hands far away from the material being applied. It also has two-inch fibres giving a balanced spring to the bristles for a quick and effective performance.

At five-by-six inches, the brush face is wide enough to allow for a quick application, while still being nimble enough to aid precision. For an easy, secure and comfortable grip, the handle is smooth and rounded while retaining its strength and durability. The long-arm wash down brushes ares available in three different varieties depending on the type of bristle required -
white tampico, palmyra or plastic - so there is plenty of choice for those that need a reliable brush.


  • Brush face is 5"x6"
  • Handle is smoothed tumbled blcok that is easy to grasp
  • Available with White Tampico, Palmyra or Plastic bristles.
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