Access Solutions

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2 Item(s)

Access Solutions

It is essential that the professional construction worker is able to work in safety and comfort on the jobsite in order to achieve the highest levels of accuracy and efficiency.

Speedcrete's range of access solutions makes it simpler for the user to work easily and securely in circumstances that would normally make the job tricky or unsafe.

Accuracy, precision and getting the right equipment and tools for the construction site is always very important and the selection of bridges and boards on offer at Speedcrete are extremely compatible with a whole host of individual workspaces as they are available in so many shapes, sizes and specifications.

Have a look at the descriptions below for a brief outline of Speedcrete's product range or click on the product titles above to see more detail.

Allen Work Bridges

Allen Work Bridges are reliable, efficient and practical on jobsites large or small.

The different types of machines available make the Allen Work Bridge compatible for all kinds of jobs from paving work to the application of curing compounds and textures as well as joint work or bull-floating.

All of the bridges are easily customised and adjusted for the needs of the professional construction worker. For instance, they can be driven by diesel or gasoline or can simply be non-powered, depending on the requirements of the user.

Also, the operator can choose the size of the Allen Work Bridge they need as they are available in lengths of up to 15 metres and those that are non-powered can even reach up to 20 metres.

Youngman Boards

When working at a height, it is essential to ensure that the professional construction worker is not put in any danger, which is why Youngman boards are so important to any jobsite that will include operations above ground level.

This product is hardy and reliable, easily holding the weight of a person so that the user is safe and secure while using it as a platform, but very light in weight and therefore easily mobile. In fact, they are otherwise known as Light Weight Stagings (LWS) and are designed, tested and approved to BS 2037 Class 1.

With a variety of different lengths on offer, it is possible to buy the right Youngman board for the individual jobsite so that the staging can be best used for optimum safety and access.