Mortar Boards & Pans

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  • Gatorback® Mortar Pan
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  • Gatorback® Mortar Board
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  • Brick Mortar pan 30 x 30 inches made from aluminium. This mortar mixing pan is a robust piece of masonry equipment. Available from Speedcrete, United Kingdom.
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  • Mortar Stand
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  • Mortar board for cement. A bricklayer tool from Speedcrete United Kingdom. Online shop.
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  • Polyethylene Mortar Pan for bricklayers and masonry professionals. This 29 x 29 inch pan holds mortar for brick projects. Visit Speedcrete, United Kingdom. Online shop and home deliveries available.
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Mortar Boards and Pans

Mortar boards and pans are some of the most basic but essential bricklaying tools.

Every bricklayer needs to be able to mix their materials quickly, safely and easily and without creating an unnecessary mess on their site.

That's why here at the Speedcrete website, we have a selection of some of the best mortar boards and pans on the market.

They are manufactured by W. Rose, a market leader in the world of bricklaying tools and a guarantee of quality and reliability for any builder.

All Steel Mortar Pan

The All Steel Mortar Pan is 30" by 30" at the top and 16" by 16" at the bottom, with a depth of 8".

Its rounded edges and sloped sides make it very easy to handle and ideal for mixing materials.

Bricklayers can also be assured that this sturdy but lightweight item will never leak.

Fibreglass Mortar Board

The Fibreglass Mortar Board weighs less than 5 lbs, but you'll find it a very strong and durable bricklaying tool.

It will not absorb water or splinter and dry mortar will not stick to it.

As a result, it's a long-lasting and reliable product that you can use time and time again.

Mortar Stand

You don't want to be sitting on the floor when you are mixing mortar, so this Mortar Stand could be just what you need.

Made from tubular steel, this lightweight and easy to handle product can be used either on scaffolding or on the ground.

Polyethylene Mortar Board

Measuring 30" by 30", the Polyethylene Mortar Board feels light in the hands at just 5 lbs.

However, it's another strong and tough item that doesn't splinter or hold water, and dry mortar won't stick to it either.

Bricklayers will consider this a trusty and reliable item to have with them whenever they are mixing the building material.

Polyethylene Mortar Pan

The Polyethylene Mortar Pan can withstand just about any building material, such as water, plaster and mortar.

This product measures 30" by 30" at the top and 16" by 16" at the bottom, while it is 7" deep.

Despite its more than adequate size, it will not break your back, as it weighs less than 5 lbs.

If you are interested in one of the mortar boards and pans that we have available, have a look further for more specifications and details on prices.