Knee Protection

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Knee Protection

If you are working with concrete finishing tools, it is important to consider your safety and wellbeing.

After all, workplaces are governed by very strict health and safety rules, which means that employers must take steps to manage all sorts of potential hazards.

That's why manufacturers such as Kraft have developed a range of products to protect a person's knees, as these can come under considerable strain during a typical working day.

We at Speedcrete offer different forms of knee protection here on our website.

They all provide plenty of comfort and support and help you make your building site a much safer environment in which to work.

So have a look at the various products we have available and see which one you think would be best for you.

Economy Moulded Rubber Kneepads

These top-quality kneepads are great in all sorts of scenarios, such as roofing, painting and working with cement.

You won't get sore knees at work again if you wear these.

EZ Kneeler

This padded kneeboard measures 250mm x 600mm x 50mm and is great to use when you are finishing concrete.

It offers plenty of comfort and support and is an affordable way to make sure you are protected at work.


These kneeboards come in stainless steel and plastic and are ideal for when you want to get close to the concrete without leaving marks on the surface.

The kneeboards might be light to carry but they are very tough and resilient, so they should stand up to plenty of regular use.

Plastic Cup Kneepads

These kneepads are made of cordura nylon and plastic, so you will find them very strong and comfortable at the same time.

They are ideal for any professional builder who is finishing concrete.

Professional All Leather Kneepads

This top grain, natural russet leather kneepad comes with a comfortable thick felt lining and is designed for the experienced professional.

It comes with a single 25mm leather strap so it is very easy to put on, which means you can safeguard your knees whenever you are working with no effort whatsoever.

If you are interested in any of the products we have listed, click through to the product pages for images and pricing information.

You will be sure to find at least one of them ideal for use on your building site.