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Skate Wheel Jointer Raker

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The perfect tool to quickly rake out mortar joints for restoration and repair.

This skate wheel jointer also known as the chariot raker has an adjustable hardened nail which can be moved up and down for the desired depth of joint. 

Large 1-3/4" diameter wheels are mounted 1-3/4" apart for clean smooth movements along brick and block. The sturdy 8-1/2" cast aluminum handle is squared off at the end for rodding joints.

Note: We have seen this style of jointer used with the nail different ways around to the preference of the bricklayer, we will say that whatever works for you to get the desired effect is the best method. We have even seen some one use this tool with the end of an electric toothbrush so each to their own!!


Skate Wheel Jointer Raker

This skate wheel jointer is also known as a chariot wheel jointer. It has an 8-1/2 aluminium handle that is squared off at the end so you can rod joints. Hardened nail is adjusted for depth. This jointer is popular for restoration projects as the hardened nail provides strength for cleaning joints, this tool is also used on new brick walls to add a rake joint.

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