Margin Trowels

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A selection of Carbon Steel Margin Trowels with wooden handles made by Kraft.

This tool begins as a forged single-piece of uniquely formulated high-grade carbon steel for extra toughness. The forged steel blade and shank offer strength and integrity with no internal voids that could form if it was welded. Forged steel will not weaken or crack.

The handle is placed at the perfect angle to reduce wrist fatigue and provide knuckle clearance. The wooden handle is attached with a steel ferrule and balanced for ease of use. 

This type of trowel is also popular with Archaeologists.

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Margin Trowel 5x1½"
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Margin Trowel 5x2"
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Margin Trowel 8x2"
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Margin Trowel 6"x2"
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Margin trowels

Putting the finishing touches to a job or taking on more complex or detailed tasks requires nimble and precise equipment to ensure the completed project looks neat and professional.

When it comes to grouting and other mortar work, it can be difficult to maintain accuracy with a large trowel, which is why this item is such an important addition to the toolkit of any mason.

The margin trowels that we at Speedcrete have on offer are strong, durable and reliable owing to the way they were forged in one piece, leaving no weak joints that could be easily damaged.

A perfect balance has been achieved in the manufacturing of this item, having been subjected to a meticulous process of tempering, grinding and polishing to ensure its high quality.

Margin trowels are the ideal tool for finishing stands and corners and could be used indoors for the laying of tiles.

Made by Kraft Tools - one of the industry's best-known and highly respected brands - you can be sure that this product will last for years.

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