16" x 4" Elite Series Xtreme Flex | Leather Handle

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Kraft Tools Xtreme Flex Elite series plastering trowels are highly flexible making them popular with plaster, stucco and decorative concrete applications. Featuring a comfortable and ergonomic Leather handle.

The special Swedish Stainless Steel blade will not rust, pit, or stain.


The new Elite Series™ XtremeFLEX™ finishing trowel is made of special premium stainless steel alloy to create the most flexible trowel available. The stainless steel blade is made of a special alloy that will not rust, pit, or stain.

The 14" x 4" blade is completely smooth with no exposed rivets along the bottom. A support plate is attached to the top of each trowel blade, to provide stability on the blade and shank when flexing. The lightweight and flexible stainless steel blade provides a soft, controlled touch for plaster and decorative concrete. Square ends with rounded corners to prevent catching and damage. Machined edge provides a superior finish. A high-strength, lightweight cast aluminum mounting stands up to the rigors of cement work. Guaranteed No-Turn handle design locks the handle to mounting. Kraft Tool's premium flexible flat trowel with patented cork handle (U.S. Des. Patent #D853,821 S) features natural moisture repellent properties for a firm grip even when wet.

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