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Choose between the 16" and 20" concrete hand trowels from Orange Thunder.

Introducing Orange Thunder Hand Trowels made from K0-20™ material. This unique high performing engineered material has been specially developed for the concrete finisher. Formulated as a tougher, lighter, and longer-wearing alternative to aluminium, canvas-resin, magnesium, steel, and wood, Speedcrete are excited to offer these tools to the United Kindom market from the USA.

The key factors studied in the innovation of this special material were abrasion, blunt impact, friction and repetitive wear applications.

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16" x 3" Hand Float
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20" x 3" Hand Float
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Orange Thunder Hand Trowels | Square-Square

Orange Thunder Hand Trowels - Square-Square

The latest technology in concrete floating! The Orange Thunder™ with KO-20™ Technology Hand Float is made with the latest advancement in construction tools. Lightweight engineered material allows for seamless motions to quickly bring up bleed water to open up the surface as it levels and smooths. Low surface friction allows the blade to move faster across the surface with less drag. This 20" hand float features curved surface lines to evenly distribute the paste to keep the surface open longer. The blade grips the surface for working on inclines without downward drift. The 3" wide square end blade has rounded corners to prevent gouging. KO-20™ material is impact resistant for extended wear.

The blade won’t absorb liquids preventing corrosion and rust. Kraft Tool's innovative new hand float is reinforced with an aluminum bar to mount the patented ProForm soft grip handle (US Pat. 6,473,939 B1 and US Pat. 6,821,468 B2). Enhanced texture ribbing of the handle reduces fatigue and provides a great grip even when wet.

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