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Fresno Broom Concrete Kit

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We offer a choice of a 3ft, 4ft or 5ft zinc plated steel Fresno floats and a choice textured brushes (Soft, medium, hard or steel) which are fixed to the Fresno float via an incorporating Float Adaptor.

This product comes with 3 x 6ft aluminium snap handles which allows you 18ft total slab reach.

The Heavy Duty Knucklehead II with the innovative Tilt Action Gear Box allows for a smooth concrete finish when pushing out onto the concrete, and when twisted allows the textured brush to make contact with the concrete to apply the texture as the tool is pulled back towards you.

Grouped product items
Product Name Price Stock Code
900mmx125mm (3ft) Soft + 3 Handles 380100K
900mmx125mm (3ft) Medium + 3 Handles 380101K
900mmx125mm (3ft) Hard + 3 Handles 380102K
900mmx125mm (3ft) Steel + 3 Handles 380103K
1200mmx125mm (4ft) Soft + 3 Handles 380104K
1200mmx125mm (4ft) Medium + 3 Handles 380105K
1200mmx125mm (4ft) Hard + 3 Handles 380106K
1200mmx125mm (4ft) Steel + 3 Handles 380107K
1500mmx125mm (5ft) Soft + 3 Handles 380108K
1500mmx125mm (5ft) Medium + 3 Handles 380109K
1500mmx125mm (5ft) Hard + 3 Handles 380110K
Fresno Broom Concrete Kit

This concrete levelling zinc plated steel Fresno has a float adaptor attached to facilitate the texturing broom of your choice.

The brooms are manufactured in polybristle, available in hard, medium or soft textures. The Fresno brooms may also be supplied with steel filament brush (to BS specifications) in widths of 900mm (3ft) and 1200mm (4ft) only. Fresno broom easy floats have radius ends to prevent lap marks. Tool is supplied with easy float blade and brush of your choice and comes complete with a heavy duty knucklehead.


  • Manufactured in steel with zinc plated finish for durability
  • This product comprises of a Fresno blade, float adaptor kit, broomhead, knucklehead and three handles to give you a complete kit to finish your slab


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