Pans 4 Blade Power Trowel

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Replacement pans for almost all makes of power trowels available on the market.

Pans can be attached to combination or trowel blades. When pan floating is completed, finishers can remove the pans and immediately start troweling. To attach a pan to a trowel, lay the pan on the concrete, then set the machine on the pan. Start the engine and slowly rotate the blades until they engage the clip angles welded to the top of the pan.

Grouped product items
Product Name Price Stock Code
24" [610mm] | 4 Blade Pan | 4 Brkts B424PAN
30" [760mm] | 4 Blade Pan | 8 Brkts B430PAN
36" [940mm] | 4 Blade Pan | 4 Brkts B436PAN
38" [970mm] | 4 Blade Pan | 8 Brkts B436B
46" [1170mm] | 4 Blade Pan | 8 Brkts B446PAN
48" [1220mm] | 4 Blade Pan | 8 Brkts B448PAN

Replacement power trowel pans for all sizes of concrete power floats.

Choose from our large range of power trowel pan sizes to fit almost every available machine on the market. Choose pans with double the number of brackets (see product description) to trowel arms for ride on machines. ie 5 blade machine will need a 10 Bracket Pan, 4 Blade an 8 Bracket Pan. 4 Bracket pans can be used on pedestrian machines only as they are single direction only.

To choose your pan measure an existing Pan or measure from tip of opposite blades for a 4 blade machine. For a 5 Blade machine (see accessories tab) measure the full diameter of the blade pass and ensure this is slightly less than your chosen power trowel pan size.

For bespoke requirements or if you have any queries on sizing please Contact Us


  • Manufactured in Steel
  • Welded brackets


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