Gorilla Tubs

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Gorilla Tubs
Original Gorilla Tubs™ are flexible strong & durable. They are infinitely useful around the Jobsite. Used to move concrete tools, brick tools, bricks, Mortar & more!
Product Stock Code Quantity Price
Gorilla Tub® 14Ltr [Small H:37cm Dia:33cm]
SP14Y 8.00 In Stock
Ex VAT: £5.50
Inc. VAT: £6.60
Gorilla Tub® 26Ltr [Medium H:30cm Dia:39cm]
SP26Y +10 In Stock
Ex VAT: £7.50
Inc. VAT: £9.00
Gorilla Tub® 42Ltr [Large H:38cm Dia:45cm]
SP42Y +10 In Stock
Ex VAT: £10.50
Inc. VAT: £12.60
Gorilla Tub® 75Ltr [XLarge H:37cm Dia:57cm]
TC75Y 8.00 In Stock
Ex VAT: £14.50
Inc. VAT: £17.40


Industry Reknown for their durability & Strength Gorilla Tubs are now here at the Speedcrete Store. Flexible and durable the Tubs can be used to store a multitude of items from tools to bricks, mortar to a cup of tea! The flexible design allows you to pour water accurately without spillage.

Gorilla Tubs® are stocked in 3 different sizes. Gorilla Tub® products are:

  • Hi-Viz
  • 100% Recycled (Black Only)
  • Food Safe (Yellow Only)
  • Frost/UV Resistant
  • Flexible yet Very, Very Strong
  • 100% Phalate Free

Gorilla Tub® products are manufactured from a low density polyethylene and comply with all EU manufacturing standards.